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EastEnders fans STUNNED as THIS Walford LEGEND makes an appearance in tonight's episode

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The biggest secret in EastEnders history has just been revealed by Tracey the barmaid...

Tonight's EastEnders revealed what could possibly be the best kept secret in Walford, and the bombshell was dropped by none other than Tracey the barmaid...

While we are used to seeing Tracey pulling pints behind the bar in the Queen Vic pub each week, she disappointingly never usually gets to say much. 

Tracey and Mo in EastEnders BBC

The Thames party got underway in tonight's EastEnders, and it wasn't long before Tracey kicked off the drama... (Picture: BBC)

But forget the Thames boat drama that kicked off tonight, today's EastEnders saw Tracey take centre stage for the first time in Walford history as she dropped the shocking bombshell that she spent a night of passion with none other than Phil Michell!

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Fans took to Twitter to share their joy in the surprise confession, and everyone is loving this new saucy side to the usually silent member of the Albert Square community...

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But some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out that Tracey and Phil's fling has in fact been mentioned before in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment a few years back...

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But as everyone struggled to get their heads around the fact Tracey and Phil had a thing at one time, they barely had time to recover from the shock revelation before the drama of the Thames boat party started to unravel.

Tonight's EastEnders saw the first instalment of what promises to be one of the biggest weeks the soap has ever seen as it celebrates 35 years on screen... and fans certainly weren't disappointed.

Tina in EastEnders BBC

The party spirit didn't last long tonight before the boat party was thrown into chaos (Picture: BBC)

While Mick struggled to try and help Whitney cover up the fact she had just accidentally killed Leo King, the most party hit disaster when an incident occurred that made the boat start to sink.

But while the party goers started to scramble off the boat onto life rafts, Linda and Mick Carter were trapped down in the boat's kitchen as the water started to rise.

Mick and Linda on the Thames boat in EastEnders BBC

Will Mick and Linda make it out alive? (Picture: BBC)

Mick went down to save Linda, but with her foot trapped in some kitchen equipment it didn't look like she was going to get out before the water levels got too high.

With at least one person set to die in the disaster, who will be the Walford favourite who comes to a watery end?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.