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EastEnders star Letitia Dean: Sharon to feel an 'overwhelming wave of motherly love' for son Kayden

Sharon Mitchell EastEnders
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Will the grieving mum take back the baby she handed to Karen Taylor to raise?

EastEnders star Letitia Dean says her character, Sharon Watts, will question her decision to give up her son Kayden when she returns to Walford next week.

Sharon memorably gave birth to Kayden – the product of her affair with mechanic Keanu Taylor – on the same day that her teenage son Dennis died in the boat party crash. Crippled with grief over Dennis’ death, she struggled to bond with the newborn, and subsequently handed him over to Keanu’s mum, Karen, to raise.

Sharon handed Kayden to his grandma Karen back in March

Sharon handed Kayden to his grandma Karen back in March

Next week, Sharon will be back in the square after visiting pal Michelle Fowler in Australia, and will agree to estranged hubby Phil Mitchell’s proposition that they reunite and run the Queen Vic together. But when she sets eyes on her son, she wonders whether she has done the right thing in giving him up. And, when she later calls round at the Taylor flat to drop off some things, Sharon’s maternal instincts start to kick in.

Reveals Letitia: “I think being away from Kayden has allowed Sharon to convince herself that she is better off without him, and he is better off without her. But when she goes to the Taylor’s and Karen gives her Kayden to hold, she feels such an overwhelming wave of motherly love, and she can’t help but question her choice.

"He’s her baby and she’s already lost one child, so she starts to think she can’t give up another.

Seeing Kayden fall asleep in her arms is a big moment for Sharon, and she starts to see him as her baby. She initially panics but when he falls asleep in her arms, she feels very connected to him; something that hasn’t happened up to this point.”

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell talks to Phil Mitchell

Sharon agrees to give her marriage another go - but how will Phil react if she decides she wants to be a mum to Kayden, afterall?

But the actress has hinted that Sharon may not be able to have a future with both Phil and Kayden, as Phil will no doubt struggle with the idea of raising Keanu’s child.

Says Letitia: “Sharon doesn’t want to lose Phil at this point, and bringing Kayden into the equation would certainly rock the boat.

“I think Sharon can see Phil’s softer side and she has faith that he would accept Kayden and love him. But she’s definitely worried that it might be a deal breaker.”

EastEnders continues on BBC1.

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