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Emmerdale fans HEARTBROKEN after this couple suddenly split tonight

(Image credit: ITV)

Things aren't looking good for Emmerdale's Dawn...

Emmerdale fans were left upset tonight after watching a struggling Dawn Taylor end her relationship with an unsuspecting Billy Fletcher.

Soap fans have seen Dawn struggling to cope with her guilt ever since she pulled the trigger, killing dodgy DI Malone.

Dawn Emmerdale

Dawn could barely contain her guilt in tonight's Emmerdale (Picture: ITV)

But despite the fact she killed the copper in self defence, the fact she has murdered someone is leaving her a nervous wreck.

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Will's in trouble 

Tonight's Emmerdale saw Dawn's dad, Will Taylor, taken in for questioning by the police over Malone's disappearance.

But while Harriet (Katherine Dow Blyton) played it cool when Will mentioned Malone's vanishing act, it was all getting too much for Dawn and she could barely hide her guilt.

Will Emmerdale

Will was being quizzed about Malone's disappearance (Picture: ITV)

However, it was when boyfriend Billy arrived to talk about moving in together that Dawn was really pushed to the brink.

The chat about renting a home together and being a proper family was all too much for Dawn, and she told Billy that she couldn't focus on talking about houses when her dad was being questioned by the police.

Dawn on the edge 

But while Billy assumed that she was on edge because she is the one who reported Malone to the police for being bent, little did he know that was the least of his girlfriend's dramas.

Dawn Emmerdale

Dawn broke Billy's heart by dumping him tonight (Picture: ITV)

There was a brief moment when it looked like Dawn was going to tell Billy everything, but instead of coming clean about killing Malone and burying the body, she broke Billy's heart by ending their relationship.

But it wasn't just Billy who was upset by her sudden decision to end things, fans were also sad to see the happy couple suddenly over...

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Before Dawn had a chance to think too much about her doomed love life, Harriet called an old police friend to find out what was taking Will so long at the station.

The pair were stunned to hear the police were keeping Will in for questioning over Malone's disappearance - meaning he was clearly in more trouble than either of them realised.

Harriet Emmerdale

Harriet and Dawn were stunned to hear Will was being held at the police station (Picture: ITV)

Can Harriet and Dawn let Will go to jail for a crime they committed?

Or will Dawn come clean before it gets that far?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV - see our TV Guide for full listings.