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Emmerdale cancelled tonight – here’s why the soap’s not on

Emmerdale, Liam Cavanagh, Jacob Gallagher

Calm down Liam, Emmerdale is back on our screens tomorrow!

Emmerdale has been removed from its normal 7pm and 8pm slots tonight due to the football.

Yep, ITV has cleared the schedule so that it can show England’s game against Montenegro.

Emmerdale is an absolute regular in the 7pm and 8pm slots, however, Gareth Southgate’s team’s Euro 2020 qualifying clash at Wembley Stadium is taking priority over the action from the dales. With kick off not until 7.45pm, perhaps ITV could have squeezed an episode in this evening?

The ITV Thursday night schedule looks like this (see our TV Guide for full listings).

7.00pm Football – England v Montenegro

10pm News; Weather

10.30pm Local News; Weather

10.45 Football highlights

11.50 The Jonathan Ross Show

Emmerdale fans at least only have to wait 24 hours to catch up with their favourite soap as it’s back on ITV on Friday at 7pm.

Charity's on the warpath in Emmerdale

Emmmerdale will soon be back on our screens

And Emmerdale fans next Thursday can look forward to double Dales action as there are episodes on at 7pm and 8.00pm as normal.

They can also be thankful they’ve had plenty of notice that the footy would be taking over the schedules tonight, unlike poor Casualty fans in the summer who were left without their favourite show when the BBC cancelled it late on because a Wimbledon tennis match was overrunning.

The soaps have always suffered at the hands of sport, with frequent changes from the normal schedule being made last year because of the football World Cup.

Who’d be a soap fan?!