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Emmerdale confirms 'grisly end' for fan favourite Graham Foster

Graham Foster Emmerdale

His murder will spark a ‘whodunit’ storyline

Emmerdale bosses have confirmed that Graham Foster will bow out of the soap next month, when he is murdered by a mystery assailant.

The death of Kim Tate’s former right hand man will spark off a whodunit storyline, which will include a week of special episodes in which the same day’s events will be played out from the perspectives of different characters – all of whom have a motive to kill.

Graham Foster is torn between Rhona and Kim in Emmerdale

Is Kim behind Graham's murder in Emmerdale? You wouldn't put it past her!

Says Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw: “Graham’s murder will form part of an unmissable week of drama, packed full of exciting twists and turns. It’s always exciting to step outside of our usual story-telling style, and viewers will be on the edge of their seats as some of our villagers have their lives irrevocably changed forever.

“Graham has been a huge character at the heart of some of our biggest storylines, so it felt only fitting that he left us with an enormous, explosive bang, to kick off what promises to be a massive year of drama for Emmerdale.”

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Graham, played by Andrew Scarborough, made his debut in the soap in September 2017, when he was introduced as businessman Joe Tate’s right hand man and legal guardian. A former SAS soldier, it was later revealed that he was responsible for the death of his wife and unborn child, due to drink driving.

When Kim Tate briefly returned to the village in 2018, she and Graham locked horns when she demanded he kill Joe on her behalf. The pair’s turbulent relationship has been a staple of the soap following Kim’s permanent return in March, and in shock scenes airing last month, Kim tried to ruin Graham’s relationship with Rhona Kirk by revealing that they were married; having tied the knot to protect her financial assets when she was sent to prison.

Emmerdale, Kim Tate, Graham Foster

Graham was left furious when Kim recently exposed their marriage

The Kim/Graham feud is set to reach a climax at Christmas, when Graham gate crashes the Tate’s Christmas dinner and delivers a devastating revelation. But will Kim be responsible for the man in black’s demise, or is someone else to blame?

Adds an Emmerdale spokesperson: “Graham is to meet a grisly end as he drives someone to murder, with repercussions that will rock the village to its core.

“Over the next month, viewers will see his list of enemies become clear...but is anyone in the village really capable of murder?”

Emmerdale continues on ITV.