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Emmerdale star Danny Miller reveals Aaron Dingle faces 'bereavement'

Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, cast shot

Christmas spirit will be sadly lacking this year

Emmerdale star Danny Miller has spoken about the Christmas ahead for Aaron Dingle, and revealed that it will be a period of “bereavement” for his character, as he continues to lament the departure of husband Robert.

Back in October, Robert was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering sister Victoria’s rapist, Lee Posner.

Emmerdale spoilers! Aaron and Robert engaged again? Robron

The end of Robron means a bleak Christmas for Aaron in Emmerdale

Shortly after his incarceration, he was transferred to a prison in the Isle of Wight. Wanting to set Aaron "free," he made the decision to cut ties with him, and subsequently served him with divorce papers.

Talking about Aaron’s Christmas Day with the Dingles, Danny says: “He looks around the room and knows how lucky he is, and he has a conversation with Chas a few days before, who says ‘We love you, and want to get you through it and help you’, so he’s trying to put on a brave face for his mum.

“He’s doing his best, but it’s only a few months from Robert going, so it’s almost like a bereavement. He’s grieving for his husband, and going through the divorce.”

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The actor adds that Christmas will be a tough time for most of the Dingles, with family feuds continuing to linger.

“Lisa’s not here, so it’s left in Belle’s hands to be the mother of the Dingles,” says Danny. “But so many people have got their own problems going on. There’s Cain and Moira (who recently split following her affair with Cain), and there’s still arguments going on between Chas and Charity.

“It’s funny in places, but there are sad parts. Everybody thinks if the family rally round the fire and have a Christmas turkey and sherry and sing songs, it’s all going to be okay.

"That’s the idea - to get everyone in one room and forget about what’s gone on and enjoy Christmas. But it’s not that straightforward.”

Robert and Aaron get married

In happier times... Aaron is still to come to terms with losing Robert

Aaron’s struggle is just one of a number of stories lined up for Emmerdale over the festive period. Fireworks are set to erupt at Home Farm when, as Kim sits down for dinner with her family, Graham gate crashes the proceedings and delivers a devastating revelation.

Meanwhile, David Metcalfe will get a Christmas delivery that is set to get tongues wagging, while a delivery is also on the cards for pregnant Victoria Barton, who goes into labour on New Year’s Eve.