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Emmerdale couple TORN APART after THIS shock attack?

(Image credit: ITV)

Leyla and Liam are on the rocks...

There is trouble ahead for Emmerdale couple Leyla Harding and Liam Cavanagh next week when Leanna Cavanagh continues to try and sabotage things between them.

Emmerdale fans will know that the pair gave in to their passion shortly after Liam's wife-to-be Bernice left the village to attend to a family crisis in Australia.

Emmerdale Leyla and Leanna

Leanna hasn't been happy about Leyla and Liam's romance (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: AMY BRAMMALL)

But while Liam and Leyla are clearly head-over-heels in love, doctor Liam's daughter wasn't happy about her dad moving on so fast and has been trying to break the pair up ever since.

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While Leanna refuses to spend time with her dad while he is still seeing Leyla has left Liam heartbroken, the pair seem to be trying to build bridges next week when they organise a make-up dinner together.

But when Leanna is late, she is fuming to finally arrive and find her dad with Leyla.

Leanna is fuming in Emmerdale

Leanna isn't happy when she catches Liam with Leyla when he is supposed to be having dinner with her (Picture: ITV)

However, instead of confronting his daughter about her unreasonable behaviour, Liam takes his frustrations over Leanne out on Leyla, and she is left panicking that this could spell the end for their romance.

When Leyla gets home and reveals what has happened, Jacob feels sorry for her and decides to help.

Leanna is fuming in Emmerdale

Leanna struggles to hide her anger at her dad (Picture: ITV)

But when Jacob tries to mediate between the pair, Liam walks in at the wrong moment and jumps to the conclusion that something is going on between Leanna and Jacob.

Fuming that her dad still clearly doesn't trust her, Leanna sees red, resulting in Jacob's plan totally backfiring and Leyla feeling more left out than ever.

With Leanna now loathing Leyla more than ever it seems she might have a plan to show how angry she is.

Leyla knows who to blame in Emmerdale

Later Leyla finds her office has been trashed - was it Leanna? (Picture: ITV)

Later Leyla is devastated to get to the Take a Vow office and find it has been completely trashed.

The wedding planner immediately thinks Leanna is to blame for the shocking attack on her business... but is she right?

Or barking up the wrong tree entirely?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.