Emmerdale fans are cross that a past murder has been forgotten

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Emmerdale viewers are gripped by Cain Dingle's most recent storyline — he's currently behind bars, charged with murdering Al Chapman.

Al's fiancee, Kerry Wyatt, is devastated by his death — though still totally unaware he was having a steamy affair with Chas Dingle and planning to leave the village with her.

And Kerry is desperate to see justice done. She wants Cain banged up for life for what he did (if, indeed, he did it, but that's another story!).

Kerry's daughter Amy Wyatt is equally judgemental about Cain's actions and has been vocal in her criticism of Mr Dingle.

Frank Clayton

Frank was killed in the factory explosion caused by Kerry and Amy. (Image credit: ITV)

But viewers aren't impressed by the Wyatt women baying for blood.

They've pointed out that Kerry and Amy are themselves murderers, having killed poor Frank Clayton back in 2019, and got off totally scot-free. 

In fact, Frank's daughters Tracy Metcalfe and Vanessa Woodfield don't even seem to mind that their dad's killers are still walking around the village!

Kerry Wyatt and Amy Wyatt watch the factory fire

Amy and Kerry set fire to the factory but they've forgotten that they also killed someone. (Image credit: ITV)

In the summer of 2019, Amy Wyatt was in trouble, and owed money to an old acquaintance from her time living in Belfast.

Kerry wanted to help her daughter, so she stole some charity money from the safe at the Sharma sweet factory.

But later, the women realised there was CCTV at the factory so they sneaked back in and tampered with cameras to hide Kerry's crime.

In doing so, though, they managed to start a fire at the factory.

As the factory went up in flames, Frank discovered his daughter Tracy was inside and rushed to save her. He got her to safety but went back to retrieve the engagement ring he'd got for Megan Macey and was caught by a huge explosion just as he emerged.

The Sharma factory explodes in Emmerdale

Frank was killed when the factory exploded. (Image credit: ITV)

Frank was blamed for starting the fire, and Kerry and Amy helped point fingers at the man they'd killed by lying that they'd seen him looking suspicious at the factory.

His funeral was a sad affair because the villagers didn't want to say goodbye to the man they thought had stolen charity money and started the fatal fire.

And eventually, even Tracy and Vanessa were convinced their dad was guilty.

But finally, Tracy and then Vanessa discovered the truth. Furious Tracy announced she was going to the police but Kerry and Amy tried to stop her.

Tracy pushed Kerry, who fell and bumped her head, and the Wyatts somehow managed to convince her that she'd be in as much trouble for that as they'd be for killing Frank.

Kerry did have an attack of guilt and left the village for a while, but since she's been back Vanessa and Tracy seem fine with the whole murder thing.

Kerry Wyatt confesses to killing Frank

Kerry did eventually confess to a shocked Tracy (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans, though, aren't happy about the storyline being forgotten — especially now Kerry and Amy are desperate to see Cain punished for his crime.

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Perhaps this latest murderous storyline will mean a return to Frank's death and see Amy and Kerry punished for their crime. What do you think?

Emmerdale airs every weeknight at 7.30pm on ITV with an hour-long episode on Thursday.

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