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Emmerdale fans BLAST 'moron' Nate for his foul behaviour towards Tracy

Pregnancy shock for Tracy in Emmerdale

Viewers engraged by Nate's reaction to the pregnacny bombshell

Emmerdale fans have slammed Nate Robinson for his disgusting behaviour towards Tracy Metcalfe over her pregnancy news.

Nate (Jurell Carter) and Tracy (Amy Walsh) have been in the honeymoon period of their relationship, but all that changed in last night’s Emmerdale when Tracy discovered she was pregnant.

The drama had started when Tracy injured her wrist while helping Nate out on the farm. She went to the hospital to get her wrist checked out, but she took routine tests which revealed she was pregnant!

Nate wasn’t being particularly sympathetic before he got the big news, complaining that the hospital process was “taking ages”.

But it was his behaviour after finding out that really engaged fans. Nate implied that Tracy had deliberately become pregnant to trap him because he’s a “safe bet”.

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Tracy in tears in Emmerdale

Tracy was reduced to tears as Nate blamed her for getting pregnant in last night's Emmerdale

Tracy then revealed to Nate that she’d previously had an abortion - that was when her then husband David left her for Maya. “Why let it happen again?” said Nate, as he again tried to make out it was all an evil Tracy plot to entrap him.

Tracy was in tears as Nate added in that he didn’t even feel he knew her. “If this is you’re idea of stepping up, then you and me are done,” said Tracy.

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“Nate’s an absolute moron! Tracy totally deserves so much better than him he’s boring,” blasted one fan.

“The way Nate treated Tracy was appalling,” tweeted one.

“Nate walking out proves Tracy’s point there… he should of stayed and comforted her,” wrote another.

“So Nate goes off his head because Cain wasn’t in his life when he was a child, but then acts like this because Tracy is pregnant with his child,” added another.

“Omg Nate telling Tracy it’s her problem, what a loser,” wrote another.

It now looks like Tracy and Nate are going to split for good. And by the looks of it most fans reckon she's better off without Nate.

Emmerdale continues on ITV.