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Soap fans CONVINCED this Emmerdale VILLAIN has been MURDERED after spotting vital clue


It seems the past could be coming back to haunt Rhona in Emmerdale after fans spot a huge clue...

Last night's Emmerdale has left fans convinced that Graham has just killed Rhona Goskirk's evil ex, Pierce Harris.

There were surprise scenes at the end of the episode that saw Graham Foster washing blood off of his hands, having been out in the middle of the night on a mysterious mission.

Graham and Ryan in Emmerdale ITV

Emmerdale fans are convince Graham has killed Pierce (Picture: ITV)

But after Rhona found out in December that Pierce was up for parole, it seems there is a chance he could be back in Emmerdale and looking for his ex wife.

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Emmerdale fans will know that Pierce went to prison for raping Rhona on their wedding day back in 2017, and afterwards followed a long and harrowing court case for the village vet.

But after a mysterious phone call last night saw Graham's face darken, fans are predicting it was Pierce's blood on his hands at the end of the episode.

Graham and Ryan in Emmerdale ITV

Graham's day got off to a bad start when Ryan confronted him about the missing money from Kim's account (Picture: ITV)

Graham's busy day started when Ryan Stocks confronted him about stealing money from Kim Tate's bank account, having worked out that he had made the transfer from her account at the end of last week.

But Graham claimed he was only taking what was rightfully his, and made an uneasy deal in the pub later that evening, agreeing to give Ryan 10 percent of the cash in return for covering his tracks.

However Ryan was soon the least of Graham's troubles when he later listened to his landline voicemail.

Graham in Emmerdale ITV

Graham got a mysterious voicemail that made him fume... (Picture: ITV)

Graham's blood boiled as he listened to the message, but who was calling and what the voicemail said remains to be seen. However, fans are convinced it was Pierce, fresh out of prison and looking for Rhona...

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Graham got home late at night to find Rhona at the top of the stairs, having woken up to find him missing.

He lied that he'd got a flat tyre and had been delayed sorting it... but as he went to the kitchen, it was clear that he had been doing more than just changing a wheel.

Graham in Emmerdale ITV

Is that Pierce's blood on Graham's hand? (Picture: ITV)

Graham's hands were bloodied and bruised, and as he washed the blood off into the kitchen sink, fans were left panicking that Graham had killed someone.

But has Graham bumped Emmerdale villain Pierce off to protect Rhona from her dark and troubled past? Or was someone else at the receiving end of Graham's bad mood?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.