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Emmerdale fans fuming over THIS forgotten Joe Tate storyline

Emmerdale star Ned Porteous on 'Tom Waterhouse's' shock revelation
(Image credit: ITV)

Viewers aren't happy with Cain Dingle...

Emmerdale fans aren't happy after last night's episode hinted a huge storyline involving Joe Tate seems to have been forgotten.

The drama started the moment Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) arrived back in the village after being away in Scotland.

Cain Dingle is back in Emmerdale week 36

Cain wasn't happy about the fact Belle is dating a Tate... (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

While moody Cain was unlikely to be bringing his family souvenirs back from his travels, he could have looked a bit happier to be home.

But his sullen mood was about to get even worse when he discovered Belle was back with Jamie Tate again.

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The news went down like a lead balloon and he was soon marching over to Moira's (Natalie J Robb) to find Belle and demand some answers.

Joe Tate and Debbie Dingle

Cain seemed to have conveniently forgotten about Debbie's romance with Joe Tate (Picture: ITV)

Once there, he laid into Belle, asking why she thought it would be okay to date a Tate.

Cain was clearly not happy about Belle's new relationship... but fans have pointed out that the character was forgetting this is not the first time a Dingle has been romantically involved with a Tate.

Not only has Charity dated both Chris and Zoe Tate in the past, but Cain's own daughter, Debbie, was all set to marry Joe Tate in 2018.

Fans took to Twitter to point out Cain's error...

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Despite Cain not liking the fact Debbie was going to marry Joe, he accepted the relationship to an extent in the end.

But for some reason, Cain's understanding when it comes to the Tate family doesn't extend to Belle and Jamie.

Can you imagine how he would feel if he knew Jamie was the one who knocked Moira down in her hit and run?

Belle Dingle and Jamie Tate in Emmerdale

What will happen if Cain ever finds out Jamie was the one who mowed Moira down in a hit and run? (Picture: ITV) (Image credit: ITV)

Will Cain every change his mind about Jamie and Belle the way he did about Dennie and Joe?

Or will he find out the truth about the hit and run first?

Emmerdale is currently airing a reduced schedule of three episodes a week.

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