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Emmerdale fans FUMING after Rhona misses THIS vital clue in Graham’s murder mystery


There's a huge piece of evidence that everyone is missing in Graham's murder case...

Last night's Emmerdale saw Rhona Goskirk fighting to find out who killed Graham Foster... but fans are livid that she missed a clue that would free innocent Marlon Dingle.

Poor Marlon is currently in prison waiting for his trial for a murder he didn't commit... but while his friends and family have set up a 'free Marlon' campaign to prove his innocence, Rhona is sitting on a vital piece of evidence that could see Marlon home in hours.

Marlon Dingle in court in Emmerdale ITV

Marlon has been charged with Graham's murder (Picture: ITV)

Emmerdale fans know that Marlon isn't the one who killed Graham, but that it is Rhona's dangerous ex husband, Pierce Harris who has blood on his hands.

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Last week saw Pierce send Rhona flowers in the wake of Graham's death, but she failed to read the card, leaving fans frustrated.

Rhona misses vital evidence in Emmerdale ITV

Rhona searched Home Farm for clues last night, oblivious to the fact there was vital evidence in her own lounge (Picture: ITV)

Pierce then broke into Rhona's house while she was out with Leo and saw that she hadn't read the card, so he moved the flowers to the centre of the room where she would see them, placing the card in prime location.

The card - which read 'Our destiny is near, Pierce x' - would prove to Rhona that her ex was back, hopefully giving her the vital clue that he is the one who killed Graham.

Rhona misses vital evidence in Emmerdale ITV

Leo made a card for Marlon and stuck Pierce's card on the front (Picture: ITV)

But as Pierce placed the card on top of the flowers for Rhona to see, he was interrupted by Vanessa coming to visit her best friend, and as he made a hasty escape, the card fell to the floor landing just under the sofa.

Last night's episode saw Rhona breaking into Home Farm to look for clues that Kim killed Graham, oblivious to the fact there is evidence in her own lounge.

And with the card still on the floor, fans have started questioning just how long it is going to take Rhona to do some housework and find it...

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But in another frustrating twist, Leo was later seen making a homemade card for Marlon, and as well as sticking all sorts of crafty bits on the front, he had also found the card from Pierce and attached that to the picture as well.

Rhona misses vital evidence in Emmerdale ITV

Rhona has no idea that a clue that would lead her to Graham's killer is part of Leo's homemade card (Picture: ITV)

Rhona might have been oblivious to the fact her son was handling a vital piece of evidence in Graham's killing, but how long will it take her to find it now that it's glued to Marlon's card?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.