Emmerdale fans have SHOCK theory on who Gabby shot in the woods

Emmerdale Gabby
Who has Gabby shot? (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale left viewers on a dramatic cliffhanger after Wednesday's episode.

When a paranoid Gabby stalked the woods with a shotgun, she fired at a figure she was convinced was her ex, Jamie.

The figure fell to the ground, then lay motionless. Had Gabby killed him?

While Gabby was convinced it was Jamie she had shot, Emmerdale viewers know that the soap loves a shock twist.

They came up with a couple of alternative ideas for who could have taken the bullet – one from the current village residents, and one big blast from the past.

Emmerdale Gabby with gun

Who has Gabby shot? (Image credit: ITV)

Jamie has been presumed dead since his car crashed into a lake last year.

However, a few weeks ago Gabby discovered Jamie was alive. And since then, she's been convinced he's going to return to try and take his son, Thomas.

She was spooked last week when she couldn't get hold of Amelia, who's been babysitting Thomas. And since her paranoia has only grown.

Emmerdale Jamie Tate

After months of pretending he is dead, could Jamie really be a goner this time?  (Image credit: ITV)

This week has seen her alone at Home Farm and convinced Jamie was also there after a figure was spotted on the CCTV. 

She also found a present for Thomas, left by Jamie.

So, Gabby grabbed a gun and headed to the woods to look for him – which is when disaster struck as she gunned down the figure.

Emmerdale body shot by Gabby in woods

Whose body is lying motionless in the woods?  (Image credit: ITV)

But while Gabby was convinced it was Jamie, viewers had other ideas.

Top of their theories was Will, who lives in the house and as groundskeeper would often be in the grounds.

"Gabby's shot Will, I think," said one. "It's not going to be Jamie, far too obvious," said another.

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However, others had a more outlandish theory.

Viewers have been waiting with bated breath for the return of Jamie's half brother Joe Tate, who was last seen in 2018.

This would certainly be a dramatic way to bring him back...

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So, who has Gabby really shot? 

All will soon be revealed. 

Emmerdale continues on Thursday at 7pm with an hour-long episode.

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