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Emmerdale fans HORRIFIED by THIS surprise blunder in tonight's episode

(Image credit: ITV)

Fans think Paddy deserved better in tonight's Emmerdale...

Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans aren't happy after they believe Paddy Kirk was given bad advice from village GP Manpreet Sharma in tonight's episode.

Emmerdale viewers watched in horror earlier this week when Paddy shouted at his baby daughter, Eve,  as the stress of being a new parent got too much for him.

Paddy Emmerdale ITV

Paddy hasn't been coping with the pressures of being a new parent (Picture: ITV)

Ever since Paddy accidentally left Eve in the hospital car park after rushing best friend Marlon Dingle in with a suspected heart attack, Paddy has been beating himself up for neglecting his daughter.

Emmerdale fans know that Paddy and partner Chas Dingle have been desperate to keep Eve safe after losing their first daughter, Grace, shortly after she was born.

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But the pressure of being the ideal parent this time around is all getting too much for struggling dad, Paddy, and the cracks are starting to show.

Paddy Emmerdale ITV

Paddy bravely went to the doctors to get some advice on anxiety (Picture: ITV)

Monday night's Emmerdale saw Chas sit Paddy down and talk through his anxiety, and tonight's episode saw him take the huge step in getting help from his local GP.

However, when Manpreet seemed to fob Paddy off with a few leaflets about stress before telling him he was no different to any other new parent, fans weren't happy.

Paddy Emmerdale ITV

Fans weren't happy when Manpreet fobbed Paddy off with some leaflets on stress (Picture: ITV)

Convinced that the doctor didn't take Paddy's cry for help about his mental health seriously, viewers took to social media to complain...

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Tonight's Emmerdale also saw Harriet fed up with Will's dangerous games and promptly dumped him while he was lying in a hospital bed recovering from a severe beating from Malone's men.

But it seems Harriet won't stop at just breaking up with Will, because she was also seen determined to get to the bottom of what trouble he has got himself caught up in, and turned to Cain for answers.

Is this really the end for Harriet and Will? Or is there more to their breakup than meets the eye?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.