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Emmerdale fans shocked by Laurel and Gabby plot — but not in the way they expected

The plot brought a big surprise. (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale kicked off a big new plot during Monday's episode when Gabby's date turned out to be Laurel's new fella, Kit.

With the story being announced in this week's pre-publicity, a lot of viewers were already expecting the twist.

But it actually turned out it was Laurel's behaviour, not Gabby's, that came as the big shock to those watching the Emmerdale episode.

Emmerdale Laurel Gabby

Gabby's back in the dating game. (Image credit: ITV)

The episode began with Gabby bemoaning the quality of the men on a dating app she'd signed up to.

In fact, she was all ready to give up on the whole idea, until a man called Chris popped up as a match.

Gabby went off to excitedly prepare for her date, while Laurel was due to meet Kit, Marlon's physiotherapist who she has been dating.

With a lot of fans already being in on the twist – that 'Chris' was going to turn out to be Kit – they sat back and waited for the big moment.

But there was something to come they weren't expecting.

Kit and Laurel

The pair took a ride on the high seas together. (Image credit: ITV)

It turned out that Laurel and Kit's date they were heading on was a saucy daytime bunk-up.

Not only that, but the location they chose was the Pirate Ship, which was built by Laurel's beloved ex-hubby Ashley.

The pair emerged giggling from the ship, with Kit joking that the romp was, "One to tick off my list" before adding, "Maybe next time I'll come as Jack Sparrow."

Emmerdale Kit and Laurel ship

Laurel's had her timbers shivered. (Image credit: ITV)

Many viewers were shocked at Laurel's boldness, while others were surprised her character would be partaking in such saucy behaviour.

"Can't believe that Laurel is having booty calls with a toy boy," said one. While another put it more bluntly: "You dirty cow, Laurel."

However, some did query if the Laurel they knew would really be partaking in afternoon delight while leaving her children home alone.

"This is so far out of character," said one.

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After their date, Kit makes an excuse to Laurel over why he couldn't come and visit her that night.

Laurel seemed to buy his story. She later bumped into Gabby, all dressed heading off on her date. Laurel wished her luck, and warned her stepdaughter to be careful.

Yes, because you never know what sort of men are out there, do you, Laurel?


Gabby meets her date... (Image credit: ITV)

Emmerdale Kit

'Chris' turns out to be Kit! (Image credit: ITV)

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