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'Emmerdale' fans 'work out' who dies after terrifying rope bridge collapse

Charles and Manpreet in Emmerdale bridge stunt super soap week
Clearly no one listened to the rule of only having two people on the bridge at one time... (Image credit: ITV)

Last night's Emmerdale has left fans on the edge of their seats as Super Soap Week kicked off in spectacular style.

This week will see action-packed episodes, full of stunts and grim twists... with Emmerdale boss, Kate Brooks, promising that not everyone will make it home from Priya and Ellis's Survival Challenge alive

Monday night's episode kicked off with Meena lying on the ground in the middle of a burning maze... only for the episode to flashback eight hours to show how she ended up there. 

The rest of the week's episodes will play out over one day as the villagers battle it out to win the HOP Survival Challenge... but already there are four characters in danger after last night's episode saw a rope bridge, suspended between two cliffs and over raging waters, suddenly collapse. 

Charles and Manpreet in Emmerdale bridge stunt super soap week

Why Charles and Manpreet decided to have their chat on a dodgy old rope bridge is anyone's guess!  (Image credit: ITV)

After hiking, abseiling, and camping, the red and blue team members had some time out, with Manpreet and Charles deciding to go to a rope bridge for a chat.

Charles' other half, Andrea, had already worked out there is still a spark between the former couple, and when she saw them looking cosy on the bridge she confronted them.

However, it was only when Andrea had stormed off and David and Victoria then joined Manpreet and Charles on the bridge that the whole thing struggled to hold their weight and suddenly collapsed.

Charles and Manpreet in Emmerdale bridge stunt super soap week

David and Victoria were left clinging on for dear life, while Manpreet and Charles plunged into the icy water below.  (Image credit: ITV)

Charles and Manpreet immediately plunged into the water below, while David and Victoria were left hanging on for dear life.

Fans have been trying to work out who dies after the tragic bridge plunge... and while David, Victoria, and Charles got many mentions on social media, Manpreet seems to be the favourite to meet a watery death...

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Tonight's Emmerdale will pick up from where last night's episode ended... but will Victoria and David get rescued before it's too late? Or are they about to meet the same fate in the rapids as Manpreet and Charles? 

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays - see our TV Guide for full listings. You can also catch up on ITV Hub now.