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SHOCK in Emmerdale as THIS life-long secret is finally revealed

(Image credit: ITV)

Mandy Dingle has got a big confession to make...

Mandy Dingle is about to drop a huge secret in Emmerdale next week as the special lockdown episodes continue.

Fans have been getting used to Emmerdale's new look as the soap returns to filming with social distancing measures in place.

Emmerdale lockdown

Emmerdale's lockdown episodes have been a huge hit (Picture: ITV)

The lockdown episodes focus on two characters for the whole half an hour, and next week it's Mandy and Vinny's turn.

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The pair have been turfed out of the Dingles by Sam as he worries about the possibility that Lydia might have Huntington's Disease, making her susceptible to catching the virus.

But things aren't looking too bad for Mandy and Vinny as they get themselves settled for lockdown in the salon, complete with an endless supply of beauty products, beer, a microwave and a karaoke machine.

Mandy and Vinny Emmerdale

Mandy and Vinny spend lockdown stuck in the village beauty salon (Picture: ITV)

The pair might not have the most conventional location to ride out the pandemic, but at the start of lockdown the biggest worry the pair have got is the fact they can't find the key for the locked Prosecco fridge.

As Mandy and Vinny chat over the weeks, the conversation seems to turn to Paul on a regular basis... and as the pair navigate through their past together it soon becomes apparent that Mandy is hiding something. Something huge.

After some serious soul searching, Mandy finally reveals a long-hidden secret that she has been keeping buried for years.

Paul barges into the Dingles in Emmerdale

Vinny was stunned when his friend Alex turned out to be his dad, Paul (Picture: ITV)

As she shares her biggest bombshell, Mandy reveals that her secret has affected her entire life, and suddenly things finally make sense to Vinny.

But what has Mandy been keeping hidden that will change everything going forward for her?

And where does this leave her relationship with Vinny and the rest of the Dingles? Will she share the news with the rest of her family when lockdown is over?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm on ITV.