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Emmerdale writer on those rumours Aaron Dingle will kill baby Seb!

Emmerdale Aaron and Robert talk about babies

Looks like some viewers have got the wrong end of the stick!

One of the Emmerdale writers has hit back at wild rumours that Aaron Dingle will murder baby Seb in a horrific twist.

In last night’s Emmerdale, Aaron was seen struggling to return baby Seb to his mum Rebecca (played by Emily Head) and it looks as if Aaron (Danny Miller) and Robert (Ryan Hawley) could now be facing a custody battle as Rebecca threatens to restrict access to the tot.

Robron Wedding Emmerdale

They've only just git hitched, but Aaron already wants to start a family with Robert. Robert is not keen... could this drive the pair apart already?

With Aaron in turmoil, some viewers have wrongly leapt to the staggering conclusion that he might want to harm baby Seb in a terrible act of revenge.

However, Emmerdale writer Sharon Marshall hit back at those rumours, telling This Morning: “There’s really weird rumours online going around because at the end of last night’s episode we saw that Aaron had baby Seb and there were rumours he is going to kill the baby.

“No, that’s not happening at all. Baby Seb going has made him realise he wants his own child with Robert. Aaron will broach the idea, saying shall we look at having a child together, but Robert is less keen.

“Could this be the thing that drives Robron apart? They have been happy for the last two weeks, so let’s throw something at them.”

We see the plot develop tonight as Aaron tells his stunned hubby that he wants to get cracking with a family of his own.

But, with Robert having a nightmare with his ex-lover Rebecca, he perhaps unsurprisingly feels Aaron’s timing sucks.

However, Aaron remains really keen to hear the pater of tiny Robrons and is determined to get Robert on his side. Can he succeed?

Emmerdale continues tonight on ITV.