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Emmerdale spoilers: This pair to share SHOCK Christmas Day kiss

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The grooming plot takes a Christmas Day twist

Troubled Emmerdale teen Jacob Gallagher and his teacher Maya will share another kiss on Christmas Day.

The hour-long Christmas Day special will see the pair struggle to control their feelings for each other and lock lips in the grooming plotline.

Maya Stepney and Jacob Gallgher

Jacob and Maya are set to get close again on Christmas Day

It’s a very strange Christmas Day arrangement at David’s house because his exes Leyla and Tracy have also turned up for a festive dinner!

When Jacob (played by Joe-Warren Plant) and Maya get a moment alone, they end up kissing. However, the pair have a close call when David walks in, leaving them squirming.

Confused Jacob is then left fuming in the Boxing Day episode when he overhears David and Maya (Louisa Clein) smooching. Jacob feels he’s in “love” with Maya and think she’s betrayed him.

Meanwhile, in tonight’s Emmerdale the 15-year-old will be seen confiding in his mate Ellis Grant (Asan N’Jie) about the problems he is having with a “girl”.

Jacob Gallagher and Maya Stepney

Maya fumes at Jacob in tonight's Emmerdale

Ellis is worried for his friend when he hears that Jacob is talking about a much older woman and advises Jacob that he needs to tell his oblivious dad David (Matthew Wolfenden) what’s happening.

Fearing her secret is about to exposed, Maya flips out at Jacob for confiding in Ellis.

Jacob is devastated when an angry Maya tells him he must back off and not tell anyone else about them.

However, it’s clear that by Christmas Day Maya has thawed and is again kissing the teen, whose mood swings are beginning to worry his dad.

Also tonight, PC Swirling (Andy Moore) arrives and explains there have been developments in Amelia Spencer’s case and he’s certain she knows more about the hit and run accident than she’s letting on.

Emmerdale continues on ITV at 7.00pm this evening. The hour-long Christmas Day special starts at 7.15pm.