Fans laugh at Mariette's 'smelly' seduction technique in 'The Larkins'

Mariette in The Larkins
Mariette in 'The Larkins.' (Image credit: ITV)

The Larkins viewers were amused at last night’s episode (Sunday 17 Oct.) as Mariette (Sabrina Bartlett) appeared to be lying in a field of wild garlic as she attempted to woo the taxman, Cedric "Charley" Charlton (Tok Stephen).

The second episode saw Charley get drunk after a boozy night at the Larkins house after he attempted to find out the truth about their tax affairs.

With the Larkins’ charming spirit (and showering Charley with alcoholic drinks), Charley missed the last train home and had no choice but to stay overnight at their house, where he got rather tipsy and slept on the snooker table.

Meanwhile, an embarrassed and nervous Charley seemed to have fallen for their daughter Mariette, which the Larkins family had instantly noticed.

As Charley announced that they would be opening an investigation into their tax affairs, Mariette decided to use his affections to her advantage.

After taking him to the shop to get some aspirin for his hangover, she offered to tell him about the family business while they went on a walk through the woods. A hesitant Charley said to Mariette: “Look, I ought to be with your father,” but she ignored him and decided to lie in what appeared to be a bed of wild garlic, which left viewers baffled.

Mariette lying in what appeared to be a bed of wild garlic.

'The Larkins' Mariette appeared to be lying in a bed of wild garlic according to fans. (Image credit: ITV)

Charley began to get visibly skittish and nervy, saying, “Right, I am very sweaty,” and soon realised he still had Mariette’s pyjamas on from the night before. 

Mariette flirtatiously remarked that he better take them off, and Charley timidly searched around for a bush to hide in to get changed. Mariette reassured him that he didn’t need to hide and that she had “seen it all last night.”

Later, as she passed him his shirt to put on after taking off the pyjamas, he said, “You are very beautiful,” in which Mariette responded with, “Thanks. It’s luck of the draw.” 

Mariette and Charley had a heart-to-heart about their current situation.

Mariette and Charley had a heart-to-heart about their current situation in 'The Larkins.' (Image credit: ITV)

She reminded him that she doesn’t just sit around and do nothing though, but does a proper job on the farm and that Pop (Bradley Walsh) is embarrassed to say how little they make. Charley revealed how he got into the tax business, saying that his parents moved to England from Nigeria and his parents had applied to the job for him. He also shared that his dream was to be a disc jockey.

Fans were left slightly puzzled, yet entertained at Mariette’s actions, but viewers were also left questioning about the smell…

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The Larkins airs Sunday 24 Oct. at 8pm on ITV- see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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