‘Frasier’ revival in discussion for Paramount Plus

Kelsey Grammer remembers Frasier when he appears on "The Talk" in 2018.
Kelsey Grammer remembered 'Frasier' and co-star John Mahoney when he appeared on 'The Talk' with Sharon Osbourne in 2018. (Image credit: Johnny Vy/CBS via Getty Images)

Frasier fans, your prayers for a reboot or revival may finally have been answered. It it might well become one of the best shows on Paramount+.

Today, a source revealed to Variety that a new version of Frasier is in discussion at ViacomCBS. 

According to that source, this new version of the show will be available on Paramount Plus (CBS All Access, after it finally rebrands in March). Discussions are reportedly in "very early stages", so it’s not quite a confirmation that the show will definitely enter production. 

Representatives from both CBS Studios and Paramount+ refused to comment on the show’s existence. 

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This is far from the first time a potential Frasier reboot has been teased. Kelsey Grammer, aka Dr. Frasier Crane himself, initially denied rumors of a revival were true back in 2016. More recently, he has said in multiple interviews and repeatedly hinted that there has been a new version of the classic sitcom in the works several times. 

The Cheers spin-off celebrated its 25th anniversary back in 2018. Like The Office, Frasier gained new fans when it appeared on streaming services, especially on Netflix. Frasier was dropped by Netflix last year, but all 11 seasons (that’s 264 episodes) are still available on other streaming services including CBS All Access, Hulu and Amazon. 

Frasier is still warmly regarded as one of the best comedies ever made. Critics and audiences alike remember the show fondly, despite no new episodes since 2004. During its initial 11-year run, Frasier won no less than 37 Primetime Emmy Awards, a record that went unbroken until 2016 when Game of Thrones won 38.  

The fact that Paramount Plus will be hope to a number of revivals and spin-offs makes this rumour all the more believable. ViacomCBS recently announced that the first-ever Spongebob Squarepants spin-off, Kamp Koral, will appear exclusively on the platform alongside the latest Spongebob movie

Paramount Plus will also be home to an iCarly revival and The Offer, a 10-part series based on the making of The Godfather. 

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