FuboTV offers BBC America's Seven Worlds, One Planet in 4K

Seven Worlds One Planet
(Image credit: BBC)

FuboTV — which remains one of the scant ways in which you can stream the occasional live TV event in 4K resolution in the United States — today announced a new piece of high-definition content that should prove to be pretty stunning.

Seven Worlds, One Planet from BBC America premieres at 9 pm Eastern on Saturday, January 18. The live showing will be in HD resolution. But, each Sunday following the live broadcast, the latest episode will be available to watch on-demand in 4K resolution.

So, what's the big deal? Well, this sort of nature content is exactly why you want to have a 4K option. Colors will pop that much more. Details will be sharper. Basically, this is the sort of program that television manufacturers show us when they're demoing the latest and greatest sets. It's also exactly the sort of thing you want to experience in your own home if you can.

The second point is that this makes FuboTV the first live TV streaming service to offer lifestyle and entertainment content in 4K. (That's according to Fubo, but we have no reason to doubt them!) The service also happens to be one of the few ways you can watch the occasional live sports in 4K resolution and it's got more coming up on that front as well, including college basketball, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show — and the Super Bowl.

FuboTV has a few different options for packages — starting at $64.99 a month — with a host of add-ons that make it particularly compelling for sports fans.