General Hospital spoilers: Elizabeth comes in between Carly and Jason’s reunion?

Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst as Jason and Elizabeth talking outside in General Hospital
Steve Burton and Rebecca Herbst, General Hospital (Image credit: DIsney)

When General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) returned to Port Charles after being presumed dead for two-plus years, many viewers assumed he and Carly (Laura Wright) would rekindle the romantic relationship they started before he disappeared. After all, they’ve been best friends for years, they always put each other above other people and Drew (Cameron Mathison) even dumped Carly when he discovered his brother was back, knowing he couldn’t compete with him for her affection. 

However, it’s been months since Jason popped back up in town, and the two are no closer to being an official item. We could argue that we’ve seen more sparks between Carly and John Cates (Adam J. Harrington) or Carly and Brennan (Charles Mesure). So we have to wonder if Jason and Carly are just meant to be friends and nothing more going forward. 

Then in the General Hospital episode airing on June 10, Jason comes to the rescue of former flame, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). After Jake (Hudson West) calls Jason worried about his mom confronting Finn (Michael Easton) for drinking and cheating on her, Jason shows up at Finn’s place as he harshly argues with Elizabeth. Finn attempts to keep Elizabeth at his place to talk, but she is determined to leave, which Jason makes sure happens. 

Michael Easton as Finn drinking in General Hospital

Michael Easton, General Hospital (Image credit: DIsney)

Jason then takes Elizabeth to the Metro Court pool after hours, and the two enjoy some banter. She even cracks a joke about Jason of all people putting his feet in the water. As the two continue their conversation, it becomes clear that a connection still exists between them. Is it just as friends and co-parents? Or is there something more? 

While the turmoil between Elizabeth and Finn is recent, it’s easy to see their relationship not being able to recover as long as he continues to spiral. Additionally, Elizabeth and Jason have history, share a child and have more chemistry between them than Elizabeth and Finn (in our opinion). 

With all that being said, a potential rekindling between Jason and Elizabeth still faces a Carly-sized problem. Carly has always been an issue in Jason’s romantic relationships, and that may not change going forward. Yes, she and Elizabeth are in a much better place these days and Carly has matured quite a bit, but sometimes old patterns die hard. Especially, if Carly thinks she is actually in love with Jason beyond friendship. Enter Sonny (Maurice Benard). 

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright as Sonny and Carly distraught in General Hospital

Maurice Benard and Laura Wright, General Hospital (Image credit: Disney)

As Sonny continues to spiral and become more erratic, it’s starting to look like Carly may be the hero to help get his life back on track. If that proves true, we can imagine the two exes remembering some of their better times together and recalling why they fell in love so many years ago. Although we don’t doubt Carly and Jason are best friends, we don’t think they are the loves of each other’s life. We think Carly and Sonny are the soulmates in actuality, so we’ve been waiting for them to come to that realization. 

This is all speculative at this point, but we will be paying close attention to see if our theories come to life. 

New episodes of General Hospital air on weekdays on ABC. If you miss an episode, you can catch up on Hulu.       

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