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Gogglebox's Kate Bottley: 'People compare me to Vicar of Dibley!'

Gogglebox's singing and dancing vicar Kate Bottley has become a firm favourite with viewers since she joined the hit Channel 4 show (Fridays) this year.

We caught up with the Reverend of Blyth, Ranskill and Scrooby to talk about her love of The Inbetweeners and people comparing her to the Vicar of Dibley!

Are you and your husband Graham enjoying being part of Gogglebox?

"It's enormous fun - we're massive fans of the show and really enjoyed the first two series so we were thrilled when we got the call. The thing about Gogglebox is that you can't apply - they contact you. It's like a calling!"

Who are your favourite Gogglebox participants?

"Leon and June are definitely our favourites. We love them, they're so great. We love watching it as much as anyone else and we'll settle down on a Friday night and watch ourselves watching telly - which is a bit weird!"

What do your friends, family and your parishioners think of you being on the show?

"They all watch the show now. Some people on Twitter thought I was acting up for the cameras, but a couple of my friends who watched it said 'Oooh you really toned it down didn't you love!"

Are you getting recognised a lot when you go out in public?

"Not that much where I live, because it's quite a small town and everyone knows me already! Our dog always gets recognised more than us. Everyone wants their picture taken with him!"

What are your favourite TV shows?

"I love Britain's Got Talent. I love I'm A Celebrity.. that sort of stuff. You really shouldn't watch it, but you really love it! We watch BBC4 documentaries as well, but we also like a bit of trash on a Saturday night. We vicars are just like everyone else - sometimes you can't beat a takeaway and a bit of prime-time viewing!"

Do you and your husband ever argue over the remote control?

"Never - that's mine! We all know that and there's no argument. Graham can't flick as effectively as me. I can get through the whole menu in a couple of seconds and work out what I want to watch while he's bit more methodical."

What's your guiltiest pleasure when it comes to TV?

"We love The Inbetweeners. Neil's my favourite he's just so sweet and he has a heart of gold. I also love the head of sixth form Mr Gilbert. I used to be a school teacher so that's probably why I love the show. I've seen it all before! I really like Family Guy as well - it's hilarious."

There have been a few religious sitcoms on over the years. Did you watch Rev?

"We love Rev. that's one of our absolute favourites at the moment. It's a must-view. In fact don't call any vicars at 10pm on a Monday night for the foreseeable future because you won't get hold of one! Of course sometimes it's really true to life and sometimes it's a bit too close to home for comfort."

Did you watch The Vicar of Dibley when it was on?

"Yeah we love a vicar on telly and that was a great show. Of course, being a short round lady vicar, the comparisons are never slow in coming forward, but I don't mind too much because I thought she was great!"

Was that the show which made you think you could become a vicar?

"Well, I thought it was funny! I didn't go to church as a child and I started going as a teenager because I fancied the vicar's son. Absolutely true - I ended up marrying him by the way and we've been married for 15 years."