Happy Valley fans shocked by 'jaw-dropping' monologue in penultimate episode

Happy Valley star Rhys Connah as Ryan Cawood
Ryan Cawood was forced to listen to a furious rant in the penultimate episode. (Image credit: BBC)

Happy Valley is no stranger to shocking moments, but fans have gone wild over one particular scene where someone finally snapped and told some dark truths.

It's hard to believe the final episode of Happy Valley season 3 is just days away, and Sally Wainwright really made the most of the penultimate one where we got to witness the aftermath of Tommy Lee Royce's (James Norton) great escape.

After cycling away from the scene, he's found shelter at a remote safe house that has everything he needs, but now he's only got one thing on his mind: getting to his son Ryan Cawood (Rhys Connah) and running away to Marbella with him.

For weeks, fans have been frustrated with Ryan who has attempted to connect with his biological father despite his heinous crimes, even convincing family to take him for prison visits, much to the anger of his grandmother and legal guardian Catherine (Sarah Lancashire). 

But it was this episode where Ryan got a real talking to after he arrived on the doorstep of Ann Gallagher (Charlie Murphy), who was one of Tommy's victims and has never fully recovered from the horrific ordeal.

Happy Valley star Charlie Murphy as Ann Gallagher

Ann came down hard on Ryan in a chilling scene. (Image credit: BBC)

After asking if he could stay with Ann because he "wasn't welcome" at home, Ann ranted at him and expressed her annoyance that he was trying to have a relationship with Tommy Lee Royce. She also detailed what happened to her and the fact that Ryan's own mother was raped by Tommy, which ultimately drove her to take her own life.

It was a very uncomfortable scene for everyone, but fans on Twitter have praised the intense moment, hoping this will be an eye-opener for Ryan so he'll see the truth about his dad.

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However, despite Ann's incredibly savage rant, we don't know if it truly got through to Ryan. At the end of the episode, Tommy managed to reach out to his son through a games console, having remembered his gamer tag from an earlier conversation.

The two ended up chatting and Ryan told his dad he'd "think about" going to Marbella with him, but is he really still believing the manipulation or has he got a trick up his sleeve? We'll have to wait and see.

With the conclusion around the corner, here are 5 burning questions we need answering in the Happy Valley finale.

The Happy Valley finale airs on BBC One at 9 pm. Episodes are also available on demand via BBC iPlayer

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