HBO Max will release the remaining episodes of Love Life early

Love Life

Source: HBO Max (Image credit: HBO Max)

You love Love Life , apparently. Just two days after the debut of HBO Max — and with it six new original shows — WarnerMedia has announced that it'll release the next three episodes of the Anna Kendrick vehicle at one time, on Thursday, June 4. (That's instead of dripping them out week by week on Thursdays.) The final four episodes of the first season will land a week later, on June 11.

"HBO Max audiences have fallen in love with Love Life," Sarah Aubrey, head of original content for HBO Max, said in a press release. "It's wonderfully gratifying to see that fans have immediately connected to the show and we are accelerating the release of episodes to meet their demand for more. We are thrilled to see Love Life emerge as one of the top performers of all content on Max and we love to be able to reward viewers who started watching on day one."

Neither HBO Max nor WarnerMedia gave any viewership numbers, so we'll have to take them at their word that the move is due to demand and isn't just one of those nudge-nudge, wink-wink sorts of things.

Love Life is a half-hour anthology that follows the life of Darby (Kendrick) and her dating life in New York City. Each episode (so far, anyway) follows one relationship from start to finish, with a year or so in between. So that'll be a decade of love found, lost, found again, and who knows what else by the time this whole thing wraps up. (Presumably we won't be following a heavily made-up Darby into her 50s and 60s, a la This Is Us .)

And the first three episodes indeed have been pretty good, and it's a quick watch in any case. Good on HBO Max for feeding us the rest a little faster.