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Heartache heading for THIS unsuspecting Ramsay Street resident in today's Neighbours

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Roxy Willis is about to find her world turned upside down after a sad goodbye in today's Neighbours...

Today's Neighbours sees heartache heading for Roxy Willis as Vance Abernethy bids an emotional farewell to Ramsay Street without even telling her he's going...

Vance has ruffled Terese Willis's feathers ever since he arrived in Ramsay Street as Roxy's older boyfriend.

Viewers know that Terese and Vance share a steamy past, having been an item back in Terese's wilder days... but the Lassiters boss knows that he is bad news for her niece Roxy and gave him a week to leave Erinsborough.

Neighbours, Vance Abernethy, Roxy Willis, Terese Willis

Terese wasn't happy when Vance arrived in town... (Credit: Channel 5)

However while we know about the pair's secret past, Roxy is totally in the dark, and so is Terese's other half, Paul Robinson.

Surprisingly, Vance sticks to his word and makes his departure from Ramsay Street today... but despite his bravado and bad boy ways, he's clearly very much in love with Roxy and is forced to say a secret farewell to her before he goes.

Terese makes it clear that she wants Vance out of her home today, but when he tells her that he's still trying to secure a sale for his stolen race horse, she agrees to give him a few more hours before throwing him out.

Neighbours, Terese Willis

Terese is about to fall out with Paul and Roxy over bad boy Vance... (Credit: Channel 5)

Reluctantly Vance makes his sale and prepares to leave, but he's heartbroken at the thought of leaving Roxy behind and tells her how much he loves her without her realising that this is him saying goodbye.

But before Vance leaves on his motorbike, he can't resist heading to Lassiters to see Terese one last time... but unfortunately for Terese, this visit from her ex is about to land her in serious trouble with Paul.

As the pair share some fond memories from their past, they share a lingering hug goodbye - leaving anyone who sees them in no doubt that these two have got a history.

But unfortunately for Terese, the person who does see them together is Paul... and he's not happy!

As Vance makes his departure, Roxy is oblivious to the fact he is leaving.

And how is Terese going to explain herself to Paul?

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