Home and Away is BACK next week - here are 5 HUGE spoilers you can't afford to miss

Home and Away

Home and Away is finally back from its festive break, and as always there is plenty of drama heading for Summer Bay as the 2020 season kicks off...

Home and Away fans will be pleased to know the wait is finally over and the sunny Australian soap is coming back to our screens on Monday 6th January after its annual extended Christmas break.

And as always the new year will kick off in style as we pick up the huge storylines that were left as cliffhangers at the end of November - yes it has really been that long since we were treated to a dose of Summer Bay action!

Here is a reminder of what happened in the last episode of Home and Away and where the drama will take us in 2020...

1. Tori has her baby - but tragedy lurks 

Home and Away, Tori Morgan, Robbo

Tori's happiness is short-lived when she ends up in a coma just hours after giving birth (Picture: Channel 5)

At the end of last year we saw Tori Morgan going into labour at the safe house with Jasmine Delaney by her side, desperately trying to slow her labour down as everyone rushed to track down Robbo. But what Jasmine and Tori didn't realise was Robbo was in the middle of finally getting justice for his murdered family as he recorded a full confession from killer Victor before arresting him.

Thankfully next week sees Robbo arrive at the safe house just in time to see Tori give birth to a beautiful baby girl who they name Grace, and the trio couldnt be happier, especially when Jasmine discovers the dangerous gang who have been making their life hell since their wedding day have all been arrested.

But as they excitedly pack to head home to Summer Bay, tragedy strikes when Tori suddenly collapses after the birth and is rushed to hospital by helicopter. Eventually Tori finds herself in a coma and fighting for her life... will she survive?

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2. Ryder risks everything 

Home and Away, Ryder Jackson, John Palmer

Ryder is in a huge pickle in next week's Home and Away (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away fans saw Ryder getting himself into hot water as his dodgy friend Blake tried to persuade him to cheat in their HSC exams. But while Ryder was determined to keep his nose clean, Blake went a step too far and drugged head teacher Maggi Astoni's water so she would fall asleep during the exams, leaving Ryder to step in and stop her drinking it.

However, next week sees Ryder in a whole world of trouble when he struggles to explain his water prank in the exam room, but still he refuses to tell Maggie the truth about Blake. However it's only after he discovers his whole future now hangs in the balance thanks to Blake's prank that he finally comes clean to Maggie about what really happened.

But when the police start to get involved, will Ryder regret dropping Blake in it?

3. Ben struggles to move forward

Home and Away, Ben Astoni, Maggie Astoni

Ben clashes with Maggie over his anti-depressant medication (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away fans watched Ben Astoni spiralling into a dark depression last year after he was wrongly accused of drug trafficking, leaving his family torn apart and his marriage on the rocks. But it seemed things were looking up when Ben finally admitted he needed help and started to take medication and go to counselling sessions.

However, next week sees Ben struggling with the side effects of the tablets and he comes to blows with Maggie when he tells her he's considering stopping taking them. She is fuming, pointing out that she had to deal with many of the same side effects when she was going through her chemotherapy treatment, and the pair's marriage is hanging by a thread once again.

Thankfully a late-night chat with Dean gives Ben a reality check and things seem to be getting back on track. But he has got a long road to recovery, can his marriage stand the strain?

4. Colby fights for Mackenzie 

Home and Away, Mackenzie Booth, Colby Thorne

Colby wants a reunion with Mackenzie, but Bella has other ideas (Picture: Channel 5)

2019 didn't end the way Colby Thorne had hoped when his work got in the way of his personal life and resulted in Mackenzie Booth calling time on their romance. But with the drama surrounding Robbo and Jasmine now over, Colby is hoping that this might mean a reunion could be on the cards.

However, when Colby reaches out to Mackenzie, hopeful that she will take him back now things have calmed down at work, he is heartbroken when she points out nothing has changed and his work is still as dangerous as ever.

But there's also another problem stopping them reuniting, and that's Bella.

Hurt by Mackenzie's rejection, she still hasn't forgiven her for dumping Colby and yells at the pair of them in the middle of Salt, causing Colby to realise his sister has some serious trust issues.

Can he help Bella learn to trust Mackenzie before his relationship is over for good?

5. Drama for Ziggy and Dean 

Home and Away, Dean Thompson, Ziggy Astoni

Dean is feeling the pressure and takes his stress out on Ziggy (Picture: Channel 5)

Dean Thompson and Ziggy Astoni went through the mill at the end of last year with Ben Astoni's depression and Karen Thompson's sudden arrival in Summer Bay putting pressure on their relationship, and 2020 sees things only get worse for the pair.

The drama comes when Dean is struggling to hold down his job at Salt while also giving free surf lessons as a way to build up a new business, while also trying to keep Ziggy happy at the same time.

But when Ziggy tries to help, they end up is a huge fight with Colby Thorne left to try and help the couple build bridges and move forward. Can they get back on track, or has the damage already been done?

Home and Away is back on Monday 6th January 2020 at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5

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