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Home and Away to air this SICKENING kidnap twist in today's episode

Home and Away

There's more despair heading for Justin Morgan as the hunt for Leah Patterson-Baker continues...

Home and Away favourite Justin Morgan has been living in limbo since girlfriend Leah Patterson Baker suddenly vanished without a trace.

However, when a shocking announcement was made on Leah's website at the end of last week that she had got engaged, Justin started to question everything.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan

Justin has been beside himself since the day Leah vanished into thin air (Picture: Channel 5)

Torn between whether Leah was being held against her will, or that she had just had enough of him and started a new life with someone else, Justin finds himself at a complete loss in today's Home and Away.

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However, he is given hope when this new picture is traced by the police, and finally he starts to think that perhaps Leah could be found.

As Justin waits for news, he struggles to sleep and work, and in the end it is up to his friends and family to try and take his mind off the nightmare he is living in.

Leah Patterson

Leah's engaged! But is all as it seems? (Picture: Channel 5)

But when he finally gets the phone call from the police that he's been waiting for, Justin's world starts to collapse around him.

Instead of getting news about Leah's location, the police tell Justin that they are closing the case and are no longer considering Leah a missing person.

Justin is incredulous that they are giving up hope and demands to know more... only to find out the police have spoken to Leah herself and she'd told them that she is fine.

Justin Morgan

Justin's world is shattered when the police say they're stopping their search for Leah (Picture: Channel 5)

As the news sinks in, Justin struggles to comprehend what he is being told, and even Tori's words of comfort do nothing to make him feel better.

But while the police might think that Leah is okay, Justin is adamant that she is being held against her will and writes a message on her blog, begging her to get in touch.

He tells her that he'll never stop looking for her until he hears her voice for himself... but will he pleas reach his missing girlfriend?

Home and Away, Leah Patterson

Where is Leah? (Picture: Channel 5)

Where is Leah? Is she really happily engaged to someone else like the police believe? Or is she being held against her will?

And with the police now stopping their enquires, will Justin ever be able to save her?

Home and Away will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays and Fridays at 1.15pm and 6pm on Channel 5.