Home and Away’s Tim Franklin teases cop Colby Thorne could kill again!

Home and Away, Colby Thorne

Home and Away star Tim Franklin speculates on how far Colby Thorne would go to protect his family and shares why he wants a dramatic death scene!

It’s been well over a year since police officer Colby Thorne murdered his abusive killer step-dad Ross Nixon in Home and Away. Colby’s best friend Dean Thompson helped him bury Ross in a shallow grave and - so far - they've got away with it...

Now Ross’s body has been found and former Summer Bay cop Angelo Rosetta is on the case. With fellow conspirators Bella Nixon and Willow Harris in the mix, Colby is on the edge!

Home and Away star Tim Franklin has talked to whatsontv.co.uk to reveal more...

Colby is losing control!

“Colby’s heart sank when Ross’s body was found. He went into overdrive thinking how he could cover it up,” explained Tim.

“He’s frantic over how to get him and his family out of the situation. People slip in these circumstances, and Colby is slipping.”

Home and Away, Colby Thorne, Bella Nixon, Sergeant Cooper

Colby Thorne has a job on his hands trying to convince Bella Nixon to keep her cool

Angelo lines up interviews with Colby, Dean, Willow and Bella, knowing they were the last people to see Ross alive after Willow, Bella, and Colby’s ex Chelsea were kidnapped by him.

Going straight for Colby’s weak spot, Angelo brings up Colby’s childhood abuse at the hands of Ross.

“ Colby is pretty smart and he believes that he can stay on top of it,” shared Tim. “ He realises that actually he’s on a par with Angelo, who is not going  to do things as he thought.”

Bella puts everyone in danger

Although left shaken by the interview with Angelo, Colby just manages to keep his cool, as do Dean and Willow when it's their turn. But then a terrified Bella confesses everything to boyfriend Nikau Parata and they flee the Bay together.

“He’s furious when he finds out what Bella has done! He’s done all of this for her and then she does this,” insisted Tim. “It’s creating another thing out of his control.”

Home and Away, Amber Simmons

Amber still blames Colby for the death of her brother Jai

With Bella missing and the whole story falling apart around his ears, we asked Tim if he thought Colby could take out Angelo to keep the deadly secret.

“He’d kill again. Ross was his second, he could go for a hat trick!” claimed Tim.

As well as Ross, Colby is responsible for the death of Amber Simmon's brother, Jai. He died in the car crash years ago where Colby originally tried - and failed - to save Bella from being abducted by her dad the first time.

The end of the road for Colby Thorne?

Colby never faced responsibility for for Jai’s death, so surely a three-times killer cop will have to face justice… Is his time in the Bay over?

“You never know in a soap when you’re going to go,” pointed out Tim, but he insisted if he had to leave he’d want to go in spectacular fashion…

“I told the writers that if you ever want me off the show you have to kill me. I want a death scene!” he revealed.

Home and Away Kat Chapman

In 2017, Kat Chapman was the fourth Summer Bay copper to die!

“The writer said, ‘I can’t, I’ve killed too many police officers on the show. I’ve killed three before you, so I can’t kill another!’”

We’re keeping our fingers crossed the promise will be kept and we’ll see Colby in Summer Bay for some time yet.

Home and Away continues weekdays at 1:15pm/6:00pm on Channel 5

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