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How to watch The Singapore Grip online anywhere in the world

The Singapore Grip ITV
The Singapore Grip boasts a great cast including David Morrissey

Here's how to watch new ITV drama, The Singapore Grip...

The Singapore Grip is an exciting new ITV drama set during World War Two. And here's how to watch The Singapore Grip online from anywhere in the world.

This brand new series, based on J. G. Farrell's satirical novel of the same name, follows a British family living in 1940s Singapore at the time of the Japanese invasion.

They're dealing with their fair share of personal threats as well, as they find their trading company at risk.

Sylvia and Walter Blackett discuss important matters at bedtime

Sylvia (Jane Horrocks) and Walter Blackett (David Morrissey) indulge in a little pillow talk (Picture: ITV)

Reluctant hero Matthew Webb and ruthless rubber merchant Walter Blackett are the major characters in this series.

There's a great cast in this new drama, including Olivier Award-winning actor Luke Treadaway, known for his role in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

Luke plays protagonist Matthew Webb in the series, and stars opposite The Walking Dead star, David Morrissey, who plays Walter Blackett.

Game of Thrones star Charles Dance also appears in the drama as Mr Webb, Georgia Blizzard as Joan, and former Coronation Street star Elizabeth Tan as Vera Chiang.

How to watch Singapore Grip online in the UK for free

The Singapore Grip ITV

Elizabeth Tang as Vera Chiang in The Singapore Grip. (Picture: ITV)

Singapore Grip will air on ITV on Sunday 13th September at 9pm.

You can also catch up on any episodes you might have missed on ITV Hub.

How to watch Singapore Grip online from abroad 

TV tonight The Singapore Grip

David Morrissey plays rubber baron Walter Blackett (Picture: ITV)

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How to watch Singapore Grip in the US

TV tonight The Singapore Grip

Watch The Singapore Grip online from anywhere in the world (Picture: ITV)

While there are no plans to show Singapore Grip in the US at the moment, we will update you if that changes.

How to watch Singapore Grip in Australia

If you're in Australia and you'd like to watch Singapore Grip then you're in luck.

Australian streaming service Foxtel will be showing the ITV drama on demand and is available for all subscribers.