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How to watch 'Trigger Point' online anywhere in the world

How to watch 'Trigger Point' online anywhere in the world: Vicky McClure (front) and Adrian Lester in 'Trigger Point'
'Trigger Point' is a new drama following the exploits of London's bomb disposal and counter-terror specialists. (Image credit: ITV/ HTM Productions)

Want to know how to watch Trigger Point online from anywhere in the world? Here's where and when you can watch this explosive new crime drama starring Line of Duty favorite, Vicky McClure.

Trigger Point shines a spotlight on the dangerous work carried out by members of the Metropolitan Police Bomb Disposal Squad, and on counter-terror policing in the UK.

McClure plays an experienced bomb disposal operative (known as an 'Expo') Lana Washington, with Adrian Lester (Life) alongside her as Joel Nutkins. The pair share a strong bond having served in the army together in Afghanistan. 

The drama sees Lana and Joel called to the frontline when a terror plot threatens the capital over the summer. They're tasked with trying to find out who's behind the bombings before fatalities escalate even more.

Here's how to watch Trigger Point online anywhere in the world so you don't miss an episode of this high-octane new show.

How to watch 'Trigger Point' online in the UK

Trigger Point premieres on Sunday, Jan. 23 at 9 pm on ITV, with episodes set to air on a weekly basis.

This means you'll also be able to watch Trigger Point live and on-demand on ITV Hub.

How to watch 'Trigger Point' online anywhere in the world

There is a handy way to watch all your favorite shows—including Trigger Point—online from wherever you are in the world, and it's called a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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And it's a great way to watch Trigger Point online via your usual method from anywhere in the world.

How to watch 'Trigger Point' in the US

We don't have a US release date as yet.

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