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This legendary Coronation Street mother figure in moving heart-to-heart tonight

You can always rely on Rita... but can she help Gemma in Coronation Street this evening?

Coronation Street legend Rita Sullivan will share a moving heart-to-heart chat with a confused Gemma Winter tonight.

Rita, played by Barbara Knox, has become something of a mother figure to Gemma (Dolly Rose-Campbell) and the pair hit the sofa this evening for an emotional talk.

Gemma is a confused young woman at the moment and has been upset by the texts Chesney sent to Tyrone saying she’s wrecking his life.

She decides to pour her heart out to Rita – who has a history of helping out younger women in Corrie with her sage advice – and tell her all about her woes.

Coronation Street spoilers: Is Gemma Winter pregnant?

Rita tries to reassure a worried Gemma that everything will be OK

While sipping a cuppa, Gemma reveals that she’s been feeling sick and Rita then realises that Gemma could be pregnant.

However, Gemma herself is shocked when Rita drops the bombshell and advises her to take a pregnancy test.

And she gets an even bigger shock when the test is positive!

Rita then tells a stunned Gemma that she needs to break the news to Chesney (Sam Aston), the baby’s father.

But, it’s been revealed that Gemma decides not to tell Chesney, and next week she takes the dramatic decision that she should leave Weatherfield!

Coronation Street - Gemma Winter played by Dolly-Rose

Gemma Winter could be leaving Coronation Street for good

Can Rita or anyone else talk Gemma around? Or, will she leave the cobbles without telling Chesney he’s going to become a dad?

Also tonight, Peter (Chris Gascyone) continues his search for Carla (Alison King) and receives a message from a man from Carla’s old estate claiming that he’s seen her and will help Peter for cash.

An increasingly upset and desperate Peter ignores Ken’s advice to bring in the police and heads to an old house with a huge amount of money…

Coronation Street is on tonight at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.