Line of Duty making shock comeback in a new three-part special?

Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott Line of Duty
Is a Line of Duty return on the cards? (Image credit: BBC)

Line of Duty could be set to make a comeback as early as next year, and the main stars of AC-12 are reportedly already on board! 

According to a report from The Sun, Line of Duty—thought by many to be one of the best BBC dramas in recent memory—is returning for a three-part special in the near future to deliver an 'explosive climax' to the series. 

Best of all? The main stars from AC-12 should be present and accounted for, as Adrian Dunbar, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston have all made it clear in recent months that they'd be keen to come back for more action.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider claimed: "There was a very strong feeling, particularly among fans, that there was unfinished business with Line of Duty. Viewers weren't satisfied with the ending of series six and were crying out for a more  sensational conclusion — now Jed [Mercurio, series creator] can deliver that."

Line of Duty

Could our AC-12 favourites be back sooner than we thought?  (Image credit: BBC)

Line of Duty season 6 originally concluded in 2021 with the revelation that H, the mystery corrupt police officer, was actually former Detective Superintendent Ian Buckells, in a controversial ending that was watched by over 15 million viewers.

The insider continued: "The question is whether the person we were led to believe was H really is the villain that AC-12 has been hunting or if it was another nemesis. There's also a theory another, darker puppet master is at work. 

"The fact that they're looking at taking the unusual step of making three episodes rather than the usual six or seven is a reflection of just how special this is for the show."

Although nothing's been confirmed by the BBC at the time of writing, this news does come a little over a month after Adrian Dunbar revealed the exciting news that he, McClure and Compston were all keen to reprise their roles in the series if and when Jed Mercurio decided it was time for Line of Duty to make a comeback.   

The first six seasons of Line of Duty are available to stream on BBC iPlayer and on BritBox in the US. And for more info on all the latest shows to enjoy, check out our TV guide.

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