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Enid Blyton's Malory Towers - Start date, cast, plot and everything you need to know

Malory Towers

Enid Blyton's iconic book series is getting a TV adaptation!

Malory Towers is coming to CBBC next month as a 13-part adventure series.

Here's everything we know about the upcoming adaptation...

What is Malory Towers about?

Enid Blyton's beloved books follow 12 year-old Darrell Rivers (Ella Bright) as she leaves home for boarding school for the first time.

She's described as being "hot tempered" but also "a responsible, hard-working girl and very popular".

It's set in post-war Britain on the sun-drenched cliffs of the Cornish coast, and explores the friendships between the girls at Malory Towers.

As well as this, the TV adaptation will see it receive a contemporary twist to reflect universal experiences. This includes shifting cliques, bullying, crushes, peer pressure, and self-doubt.

Darrell tries to hide her past at school St. Hilda’s from her new friends, but a jealous classmate could expose this.

There'll be 13 episodes in total, each running for 25 minutes.

Who stars in Malory Towers?

Ella Bright plays lead character Darrell Rivers. According to the BBC, this character "is sporty, impetuous and physically brave."

They add that she's also, "full of gumption, opinions and ambitions, she’s determined to become the kind of girl who would make Malory Towers proud."

Malory Towers

Ella Bright as Darrell Rivers. (Credit: CBBC)

Speaking about the series, Ella Bright says, "People should watch it because it brings a classic, much-loved book to life and, although it takes place in post-war Britain, it still covers current issues that people can relate to.

"It is beautifully filmed and I think people, young and old, will all really enjoy it."

Danya Grivers plays fellow student Gwendoline 'Gwen' Mary Lacey.

She is the total opposite to Darrell and what she represents, and is very jealous of her.

Gwen is described as, "spoiled, egotistical, shallow and lazy" and has very traditional views such as believing women should stay in the home.

Malory Towers

Danya Grivers as Gwendoline Mary Lacey (Credit: CBBC)

Darrell forms an unexpected friendship with Sally Hope (Sienna Arif-Knights).

She's initially diagnosed with a tummy ache from the matron due to "over indulgence", but it's later revealed that it's something more serious than that.

Darrell blames herself for Sally's sore stomach, as it seemed to have happened right after she'd shoved her after losing her temper.

Sally and Darrell soon become close and end up forming a strong friendship that "takes them from school years and beyond".

Malory Towers

Sienna Arif-Knights as Sally Hope. (Credit: CBBC)

Other cast includes Imali Perera as Miss Potts, the house mistress, Genevieve Beaudet as French teacher Mam'zelle Rougier, and Ashley McGuire as the no-nonsense Matron.

When can we watch Malory Towers?

The BBC has made Malory Towers available on iPlayer now, with all episodes available to stream.

This is perfect if you have children that need entertaining during self-isolation, as it seems like an easy show to binge and get lost in!

Or, if you'd prefer to watch it live, CBBC will still be airing it from 5.30pm on 6th April.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! The BBC shared an official preview which gives you a taste of what to expect.

The trailer shows Darrell's arrival at Malory Towers, as well as some of the gorgeous picturesque locations in the series.

From what we've seen so far, it looks like a great place to escape to and get lost in the story!