'Married At First Sight UK' fans left stunned as Franky offends Marilyse

Married At First Sight UK contestants
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Married At First Sight UK viewers were left flabbergasted at last night’s episode (Monday 27 Sept.) as Franky made a comment to his wife and mother-of-two Marilyse that his ideal match “wouldn’t have kids,” which offended Marilyse.

The remaining couples went on their final dates in last night’s episode, but the romantic date between Franky and Marilyse soon fizzled out when Franky made a remark that his future wife ideally wouldn’t have kids.

Franky, who has lived in Dubai for the past 16 years, has previously announced that he would leave his life in Dubai and move back to the UK to be with Marilyse, as she would be unable to uproot her life and move there with her two teenage children. But, his future move has left Marilyse concerned as she feels as though it’s put a lot of pressure on her and the relationship.

Marilyse admitted last night that: “‘I hope I haven’t disappointed you that I do have children and that I can’t move to Dubai.”

“Everybody in life says ideally this and ideally that. I also said ideally maybe she doesn’t have kids,” Franky responded.

Marilyse was shocked at Franky’s comment, telling the cameras privately that: “To be honest with you, I was offended because, you know, I have got children and I don’t want that to be a problem. I don’t like to waste time. Maybe we’re not meant to be. Maybe this isn’t right for me.”

“Obviously I didn’t realise that ideally you didn’t want someone with children,” Marilyse said to Franky back at their date.

"Just for your age I would expect someone that you met to have had kids,” she added. 

Franky was honest with her and revealed that before the experiment he thought that his future wife could potentially move to Dubai with him, which worried Marilyse as she claimed that he’s been disappointed twice- first, by her having kids and now her not wanting to move to Dubai. But Franky reassured her that she had beaten his ideals and that if he didn’t want to move back to the UK, he wouldn’t be doing it.

Fans on Twitter were left astonished at Franky’s comments and the awkward way he went about it…

In tonight’s episode, the remaining couples reunite for the last time at the final dinner party, but the celebrations are quickly interrupted when the honesty box arrives delivering some hard-hitting questions.

Married at First Sight UK continues tonight on E4 at 9pm — see our TV Guide for full listings. 

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