‘Married At First Sight' UK viewers left shocked after Nikita’s EXPLOSIVE honeymoon row with husband Ant

Married at First Sight UK- Nikita
Married at First Sight UK fans aren't happy with Nikita. (Image credit: E4)

Married At First Sight UK fans were gobsmacked over Nikita’s behaviour on Wednesday night after having a fiery argument with her new husband, Ant, during their honeymoon.

The honeymoon period has seemingly come to a quick end before it has even fully begun for the couple, as the pair had started squabbling on the beach shortly after they had arrived for their honeymoon in Mexico.

The bickering began over Nikita constantly asking for compliments from Ant, which left him feeling uncomfortable. She claimed that it was just her personality and that it was ‘northern crack.’ After Ant pointed out that he thinks she was being serious and asked her to stop with her supposed ‘joking’ questions, the argument soon intensified as Nikita began shouting and stormed off.

Nikita and Ant in Married at First Sight UK

Nikita and Ant had a blazing row in last night's Married at First Sight UK. (Image credit: E4)

After having some time apart, Ant asked Nikita why she was so upset when they were back in their hotel room. She explained that she took offense to the fact that he didn’t believe her when she said it was all banter and called him sarcastic. 

Ant went on to say that it was tiresome and she then accused him of lying, saying that she was his type on their wedding day, but now he has backtracked and has a different attitude.

Nikita wanted Ant to be open and honest with her, and he responded with, “You want me to be open and honest as long as it suits you what the answer is."

Nikita and Ant in Married at First Sight UK

Ant was left speechless after Nikita stormed off after apparently throwing an empty cup at him.  (Image credit: E4)

The couple then began to argue over who was just doing the experiment for followers and who wasn’t there for genuine romance. This enraged Nikita even more and the confrontation soon escalated as Nikita screamed and swore at Ant, insulted him with harsh words and even threw an empty cup at him. 

The couple seemed to have made amends the next day, however, viewers were left stunned at the intense row...

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So is it all over between Ant and Nikita already? Find out more when Married At First Sight returns on Monday. 

Married At First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday evenings on E4 at 9pm. 

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