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Horror in Neighbours as the DEATH TOLL rises after 35th anniversary episodes


News of yet another death hits Ramsay Street residents today, but how will they cope with yet more bad news?

There's heartache heading to Ramsay Street once again when news of Prue Wallace's death hits Erinsborough in today's Neighbours.

Shockwaves have been sent round Ramsay Street following the devastating events on the island last week.

Not only have Toadie, Susan, Bea and Harlow found themselves in hospital following Finn's reign of terror, but Prue, Gary and Finn himself are also dead.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Ramsay Street has been left rocked by Finn's evil actions (Picture: Channel 5)

But as Ramsay Street mourns the loss of lovely Garry Canning, no one knows about Prue's death until today.

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Today's episode sees Harlow continuing to fight for her life in a coma after being bitten by a snake in the abandoned mining shaft on the island... and while she fights the poisonous venom in her system, grandad Paul has taken vigil by her bedside.

He isn't happy today when Harlow's boyfriend Hendrix comes to visit again, with Paul blaming the teenager for the fact Harlow was even on the island in the first place.

Neighbours, Gary Canning, Prudence Wallace

Both Prue and Gary are dead thanks to Finn (Picture: Channel 5)

While usually cocky Hendrix often has an answer for everything, Harlow's current state seems to have left him shell shocked and he simply leaves quietly when Paul gets angry at the hospital today.

But there is more bad news heading for the family, because they still don't know Prue was killed by a homemade bomb, placed in one of the wedding hampers by evil Finn.

Neighbours fans will know that she was killed instantly as she opened then box in last week's late night episodes, but it is only today that Paul and Terese find out the truth about her fate.

Neighbours, Sky Mangel

Sky is given the job of breaking the news of Prue's death today (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Recently returned familiar face Sky Mangle is the police officer given the job of breaking the news to Prue's family, and while Prue had her differences with Terese and Paul, both are shocked to hear of her demise.

But they both put their own feelings aside and realise that Harlow is going to be in for the shock of her life if she ever wakes from her coma.

How will she react to the news both her mum and Gary have been killed by Finn?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5