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Neighbours hints Christmas DEATH will be a Rebecchi!


There's a Christmas death heading for Ramsay Street - and Neighbours has hinted that it could be one of the beloved Rebecchi clan who meets their maker...

Neighbours will be making Australian soap history this Christmas by not only airing episodes throughout the Christmas break, but also celebrating a huge milestone as they air their 8000th episode on 21st December.

But don't be fooled into thinking it is all going to be festive BBQs and beach visits, because there is a grisly death heading for one Erinsborough favourite.

Neighbours, Stefan Dennis

The soap is set to air its milestone episode this Christmas

The Aussie soap has already confirmed that a fan favourite will be killed off in the near future, but who is about to meet an untimely end still remains a mystery.

As Ramsay Street residents celebrate Christmas next week, the much-anticipated death is mentioned for the first time when Dipi Rebecchi talks to recently returned Liz Conway about her predictions.

The Christmas Day storyline begins as we discover the tarot cards that Shane Rebecchi thought his wife had thrown out are actually still in her possession.

The Sharma-Rebecchi's 'Christmas in July' photoshoot for their Face of Lassiters poster in Neighbours.

Dipi's smile will soon be wiped off when she makes a horrifying prediction with her tarot cards...

But as Didi reveals to Liz that the last two readings she has done accurately predicted the deaths of two people close to her, she is nervous about doing any more.

But Liz encourages Didi to do another reading for old times sake - something that Dipi is likely to later regret when the same death card combination comes up - hinting that someone else in her life is in danger.

With the tarot cards revealing the death of someone close to Dipi is imminent, it seems the Rebecchi's are all in trouble after the last two predictions Dipi's tarot cards made came true.

But who is in the running for an untimely death? Could it be someone in the cafe owners immediate family? Or perhaps Toadie and Sonya?

Sonya and Toadie are all smiles on Christmas Day - but will it last?

Sonya and Toadie are all smiles on Christmas Day - but will it last?

Sonya has only just escaped one near-death experience thanks to evil nanny Alice, surely she can't be facing death again so soon?

After Neighbours announced their plan to kill off a much-loved character recently, Stefan Dennis, who plays legendary Paul Robinson, spoke to Digital Spy about the death: "It's going to be devastating, that's the only thing I can tell you. It's going to change the world.

"We have just finished filming it all and it is so devastating that it rocked almost everybody in the cast. It was a very, very difficult two weeks of filming, really difficult. It is literally devastating."

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5

Picture credits: Channel 5