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Neighbours set to bring back ANOTHER legendary character in shock storyline twist

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Neighbours has big plans for 2019, including bringing back former Ramsay Street character Dr Beverley Marshall...

It has been revealed that Neighbours will be bringing back actress Shaunna O'Grady as former Ramsay Street resident Dr Beverley Marshall, in coming months.

The news is set to leave long-term Neighbours fans thrilled, as Beverley was always a popular character during her time on the soap.

Viewers will remember that Beverley was Jim Robinson's second wife - with the pair getting married on Valentine's Day.

The couple's relationship was tricky at first, but after doctor Beverley saved Helen Daniel's life, Jim was eternally grateful that she'd helped his mum and the pair buried the hatchet before eventually becoming a couple.

Jim and Beverley decided to start a family, but sadly their plans came to a heartbreaking end when Beverley suffered a miscarriage after being mugged on her way home from work.

She then went on to plan to adopt a child that had been left at the doctor's surgery, only for that to also end badly when the child's parents arrived and tried blackmail Beverley for money.

Jim noticed that large amounts of cash was missing from their bank account and Beverley was forced to confess, leading to Jim telling the police everything.

Eventually the couple's relationship became strained when Beverley got back in touch with former partner Ewan, leading to her eventually leaving Ramsay Street for a new life in Perth.

The character was originally played by actress Lisa Armytage when Beverley arrived in Erinsborough in July 1987, but Shaunna O'Grady took over the role in 1989 and stayed in the show until the character's exit in September 1990.

But that wasn't the last time we saw Beverley on our screens. She also made a brief cameo appearance in Annalise Hartman's infamous documentary about life on Ramsay Street for the soap's 20th anniversary celebrations back in 2005.

Beverley's return comes shortly after the soap brought Jim Robinson back for a short stint over Christmas. He appeared in a bauble as a figment of son Paul Robinson's imagination, and fans loved the throwback moment.

But what could be bringing Beverley back to Ramsay Street? Is she back to see Paul? Or could there be another reason that has brought her back after all this time?

Neighbours airs weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5