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An UNWELCOME visitor arrives in Ramsay Street with a BOMBSHELL for THIS Neighbours family

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(Image credit: Kris Dollman)

Today's Neighbours sees the Kennedy house receive a surprise guest... and not in a good way!

There is a familiar face heading back to Ramsay Street in today's Neighbours when Finn Kelly's trouble-making mum Claudia Watkins makes an unexpected visit.

With the drama surrounding Elly's recent stalker trouble still fresh in their minds after Finn caught schoolboy Dean Mahoney following her again, the last thing the family needs is an unwanted visitor.

Neighbours, Dean Mahoney

Dean has been following Elly, causing trouble for her once again (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

But that's exactly what they get when there's a knock at the door today and Finn opens it to find his estranged mother standing on the doorstep.

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Finn is far from happy to see his mum... and that goes for the rest of the Kennedy household too.

Not only is Finn's relationship with his mother still fractured after she abandoned him years ago, but Elly is definitely not pleased to see her baby's grandmother has arrived.

Neighbours, Finn Kelly, Claudia Watkins

What is Finn's mum Claudia doing back in Erinsborough? (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

Last time Elly had anything to do with Claudia, it was when Shaun - Claudia's late son and the father of Elly's baby - revealed that his mum had asked him to get Elly to sign legal papers giving him custody of  their baby.

While Finn tries to get his head around why his mum has suddenly turned up, she claims it is because Shaun's sudden death has made her reassess her relationship with Finn and she wants to make a fresh start.

But it is too much for troubled Finn, and Elly doesn't want to hear another word from Claudia and storms out.

Neighbours, Claudia Watkins, Dean Mahoney

Is Claudia in cahoots with student Dean? (Picture: Channel 5) (Image credit: Channel 5)

But while Claudia is claiming to be a reformed character, it is clear it's all lies when she later meets with Dean, Elly's former pupil who has been stalking her.

But how do Claudia and Dean know one another? And why would Claudia be wanting to cause harm to Elly?

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