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Netflix is no longer offering free trials

Netflix Alphaville office.
Netflix Alphaville office. (Image credit: Netflix)

The Verge has confirmed that Netflix will no longer be offering free trials as a marketing campaign to attract viewers. Given the fact that none of us are going outside anymore and have found ourselves constantly camped out in front of our televisions for the time being, this seems like a reasonable enough move. With that said, the streaming giant acknowledges that they need to test other marketing strategies to draw in new members.

For example, Netflix has since launched a new portal for non-subscribers to watch a select number of episodes from certain popular shows for free. We've also seen them make certain films such as To All The Boys I Loved Before free for non-Netflix subscribers. 

The streaming giant is currently doing well enough that it doesn't have to rely on the free trial to draw new members in. Meanwhile, Apple TV+ just extended its free trial period. It's safe to assume that the free trial won't return to Netflix while the streamer is doing as well as it is. As it stands, they have confirmed that testing on other marketing strategies to drive new subscriptions will continue until early 2021.

Amelia Emberwing

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