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Netflix releases official trailer for Swedish original series ‘Snabba Cash’

Still shot from 'Snabba Cash'.
(Image credit: Netflix)

Netflix released the official trailer for its original Swedish series, Snabba Cash (Easy Money). The new series will be available to stream next month, April 7.  The show is a reboot of a trilogy of feature films based on the Stockholm Noir books by Jens Lapidus. The trilogy has been adapted into more than 30 languages. Nordic major SF Studios produced the features and is also behind the TV adaptions. 

The series stars Evin Ahmad, also known for the feature film Dröm Vidare and two Netflix series Quicksand and the second season of The Rain. The rest of the cast includes Alexander Abdallah, Ali Alarik, Olle Sarri and Dada Fungula Bozela as well as Jozef Wojciechowicz. 

Jens Lapidus’ bestselling Stockholm Noir trilogy is set in the city’s underworld. Events in the series will take place ten years after the films, following Leya, a young single mom trying to make it within the startup scene who becomes entangled in the criminal world. Leya (Evin Ahmad) kick starts her company with illegal money. She finds out the hard way there are no shortcuts to the top without paying the price. The series occurs in a buzzing environment where the craving for status and money is stronger than ever, and Leya is determined to make it, no matter what. The entrepreneurial jet-set lifestyle and the criminal world are more brutal, chaotic, and ruthless than ever. When these two worlds collide, loyalty, friendships, and business partners will all be tested in the never-ending quest for easy money.

When the series started production over the summer of last year, COVID safety procedures were taken, including many team members wearing masks, regular temperature checks, a nurse available on set as well as an appointed coronavirus guard who ensured people kept a distance from one another, and the production team was divided up into zones to avoid unnecessary contact.

Snabba Cash is directed by Jesper Ganslandt, with Nicklas Wikström Nicastro, who produced the film for SF Studios. The series was written and created by Oskar Söderlund together with Jens Lapidus, who’s also served as the executive producer.