New Comcast Xfinity program to offer free HBO Max, Showtime show previews

XFinity Flex
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If you're an Xfinity member, you're about to get a lot more for your money, because Comcast is rolling out a new perk that gives you free content to stream.

The new Free This Week scheme from the company lets Xfinity subscribers stream from a new, rolling library of premium videos each week, with titles picked off the shelves of premium streaming services.

In its first two weeks, content from the likes of The Great Courses, Gaia and FitFusion are available to watch, but in the future TV shows and movies from HBO Max, Showtime and Lifetime Movie Club, as well as other channels, will also be available.

Lots of the listed channels are smaller ones, with The Great Courses offering factual entertainment and Gaia hosting meditation and yoga videos for example. So you're basically getting free tasters to these services that you may not have heard of.

So who gets access to Free This Week? Luckily, anyone who pays for Xfinity can start accessing these free previews. The videos are available to stream on X1 and Flex platforms, as well as Xfinity's app and also XClass TVs from Xumo. So it's quite widely available.

If you already have access to this platform, you can easily search 'Free This Week" — or say those three words into a voice-activated remote — to find the current library of taster videos.

Free This Week is only confirmed to last a year, with the library changing each week. However we could see Comcast keep a similar program in 2024, as it has quite a track record in free TV testing.

In the past, the company has hosted Free TV Week, which functions similarly to Free This Week except with all the videos free for one week, instead of scattered across multiple weeks. Before that, it offered Watchathon Week, an annual event that functioned in the same way.

For now, it's hard to know what shows Free This Week will offer throughout the year, but with HBO Max confirmed to be joining in the near future, we could see the pilot episodes for shows like The Last Of Us and Tokyo Vice season 2 as well as new movies. 

Plus, in 2022's Free TV Week, we saw a few free Prime Video shows, so Comcast could add Amazon-produced TV and movies to the line-up further into the year.

If you already pay for Comcast's internet, mobile or TV access, then Free This Week is a handy little perk for subscribers.

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