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Eagle-eyed EastEnders fans are shocked after spotting THIS Walford legend in Noughts and Crosses

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Did you spot him?

EastEnders fans noticed a very familiar face in new BBC1 drama Noughts and Crosses - the original Ben Mitchell actor!

The first episode of the BBC adapted series went down well with fans, with eagle-eyed ones soon spotting the original Ben - well actually the third actor to take the role! - amongst the cast.

One fan wrote, “WAIT.... Is that original Ben Mitchell!!!!!! #NoughtsAndCrosses”

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Another added, “Is that a young Ben Mitchell? #NoughtsAndCrosses”

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A third wrote, “Omg is that the guy who used to play Ben Mitchell in eastenders ?! #NoughtsandCrosses”

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And a fourth said, "It’s Ben Mitchell! #NoughtsAndCrosses"

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Fans were absolutely correct, as Charlie Jones (aka Charlie Chambers) played Ben Mitchell between 2006 and 2010. Six actors have now played the part!

Charlie was involved in a number of big storylines as Ben, such as coming out as gay to his father Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden).

It was an important moment for both Phil and Ben, as EastEnders explored the storyline of a typically "macho" father coming to terms and eventually accepting his son's sexuality.

Another memorable storyline was the physical and mental abuse he suffered at the hands of  Phil’s girlfriend Stella Crawford (Sophie Thompson).

Ben eventually exposed Stella's dark truth during the couple's wedding ceremony, before she took her own life in dramatic scenes.

Unfortunately Charlie's character Danny in Noughts and Crosses was short lived, as he ended up being killed off pretty early in the episode.

One Twitter account pointed out that Danny's death mirrored an iconic moment from the BBC1 soap, where Ben Mitchell had threatened Jordan Johnson (Michael-Joel David Stuart).

In the memorable moment, Ben grabbed a spanner and shouted, "You need slapping down!", and it seems to have gone down in EastEnders history.

Walford Web tweeted, "Ben Mitchell 3 got slapped daaahn! #NoughtsAndCrosses #EastEnders" alongside clips from both BBC1 shows.

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Danny's character in Noughts and Crosses was turned into a martyr in the series, which we're sure will cause plenty more tension in the storyline.

Noughts and Crosses continues on 12th March.

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