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PANIC in Emmerdale as THIS village favourite suddenly VANISHES


Lydia Hart is nowhere to be seen on the morning of her wedding...

There is panic in Emmerdale next week when Lydia Hart's friends realise she is missing on the morning of her wedding to Sam Dingle.

The drama starts when Mandy organises Lydia and Sam's hen and stag nights, but gets her party plans in a muddle.

There's a mix up at Sam's stag do in Emmerdale

Mandy gets her plans for the stag and hen do mixed up next week (Picture: ITV)

Not only does Lydia find herself at Sam's whisky tasting night, but Sam gets a surprise guest at his stag do - a hunky male masseur!

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But after drinking her way through the samples of whisky, Lydia decides that she would like to head into town to continue the party... and Mandy is more than happy to lead the way.

However, when Lydia gets ill in the taxi, the pair find themselves thrown out of the car and abandoned in the middle of a dark country road.

Mandy's stranded in Emmerdale

Mandy isn't happy when they get thrown out of the taxi in the middle of nowhere (Picture: ITV)

Mandy's not happy about the situation, but by the time she has argued their case with the driver, Mandy realises Lydia has gone missing.

Knowing that it's never good to lose the bride on the eve of her wedding, Mandy panics and starts to hunt for Lydia, but ends up drunkenly stumbling into the undergrowth at the side of the road.

By the time she emerges, it is daylight - meaning it's the day of Sam and Lydia's wedding and the bride is still missing.

Back in Emmerdale, Leyla and Kerry panic when they realise no one has seen Lydia all morning, and start to wonder if she has got cold feet.

Sam is taken away in Emmerdale

Thankfully the missing bride gets home just in time for her wedding (Picture: ITV)

Thankfully, Lydia makes her way back to the village just in time for the wedding, and races to get herself ready to marry the love of her life.

But where was Lydia all night?

And how did she manage to make it back to the village from her night out?

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