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Quentin Blake's Clown on C4 - everything you need to know

Quetin Blake's Clown
(Image credit: C4)

C4 are bringing Quentin Blake’s Clown to life

Quentin Blake's Clown brings one of the hugely popular illustrator's beloved characters to life as C4's latest animated festive special.

The network has previously aired hand-drawn animations of The Snowman, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt and The Tiger Who Came to Tea, among others.

The hand-drawn style has been specifically chosen to bring Quentin Blake’s iconic art style to life on our screens in the most accurate way possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about Quentin Blake’s Clown...

When is Quentin Blake’s Clown on TV?

Clown airs at 7:40pm on Christmas Day on C4.

What is the plot?

Quentin Blake’s Clown was originally a picture-book published in 1998 by Red Fox. It tells the story of an old toy clown that is thrown away by an owner who outgrows him. In the process, the titular toy goes to find a brand new home that can take him and all his friends in.

Along the way, the Clown toy explores the twisting and turning streets of the city, dodging dangerous dogs and other adults. He finds his way into the lives of multiple potential owners, only to be thrown away unexpectedly again each time. 

He eventually finds a child who will accept him into their life on Christmas Eve. This prompts the Clown’s last trip, a special journey to reunite with his other discarded friends and return them to his new loving home.

Quentin Blake said: “Clown has always been one of my favourite characters, and it’s wonderful now to see him off the page and running about on his own.”

How long is Quentin Blake’s Clown?

Quentin Blake’s Clown is a half-hour animated story, narrated by BAFTA-winning actor Helena Bonham Carter. 

The animation is accompanied by a short "making-of" feature. This gives insights into the creative process behind the show. This additional feature includes contributions from Helena Bonham Carter and some of the key animators for Clown. Quentin Blake himself also contributed to this additional programme, too!

Is there a trailer?

Yes! C4 released a trailer at the start of December, which you can watch below:

Clown airs at 7:40pm on Christmas Day on C4 (see our TV Guide for full listings).