Real Housewives of Atlanta fans promote a new 'villain'

Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora disagree on The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Ralph Pittman and Drew Sidora disagree on The Real Housewives of Atlanta (Image credit: Bravo)

Over the years, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, or RHOA, has had some big personalities rub viewers the wrong way, causing fans of the show to cast these people in "villain" roles. To be clear, when we use the term villain, we don’t mean someone that is evil like Joker, Thanos or Darth Vader. Instead, we’re referring to a person that unnecessarily stirs up conflict, leaving those that watch the series feeling an extra amount of compassion toward another cast member(s). With that being said, it looks like that individual in season 14 is Ralph Pittman. 

Drew Sidora’s husband has not made a great impression so far in these new episodes of RHOA. This is a bit shocking, as you’d think a man who took a lot of hits on social media last year from fans for his mysterious trip to Tampa would be on his best behavior in his sophomore season on the Bravo show. Unfortunately, this recent narrative of his former assistant offering him a massage has done nothing but further repel viewers. 

For starters, the story just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from his perspective. Allegedly, he hired a woman to be his assistant and she offered Ralph a massage to help ease issues he was having with his back. Instead of firmly rebuffing the offer, he apparently laughed it off because in his eyes that was the "man" thing to do. However, after some pushback from Drew, he fired the assistant. 

Now in the latest episode of RHOA, Ralph makes it clear while he fired the assistant, he was still in communication with her, which is a surprise to Drew. When he asks Drew to tell him if she wants him to stop talking with the mystery woman, Drew responds she won’t do that because she doesn’t want Ralph "resenting her for it" somewhere down the road. That’s when her sharp-tongued husband says "there’s a lot of things I’ve resented you for though." Talk about a completely unnecessary ouch moment. 

Just when you think things couldn’t get more cringe-worthy between the two, Ralph invites Drew out to a romantic dinner. Although the evening started out as a beautiful kind gesture, it quickly went downhill. Let’s begin with Ralph informing Drew that outside of God, he is prioritizing himself over his wife and children. She’s understandably taken aback by the news of him prioritizing himself in that way. This leads to a discussion about their marital problems. Attempting not to ruin the night, he suggests they save that type of discussion for marriage counseling, which he can’t even do. 

Ralph refers to counseling and their counselor Dr. Ken, informing his wife he is going to schedule an individual session for her so she can learn "how to speak to men appropriately." Taking that as a jab, because it was, the real housewife replies, "yes, and I’ll pay for a session for you to learn how to talk to women." 

After some back and forth, in which he attempts to belittle her by throwing in her face what Dr. Ken said she can work on, Drew retorts that the therapist labeled Ralph a "maniac." That only prompted Ralph to act as if Drew didn’t know the meaning of the word and that a person of his success was incapable of being a maniac. To end the episode, Ralph does the infamous housewife walk off the scene. 

We might only be two episodes into RHOA season 14, but Kenya Moore appears to have relinquished her title as residential villain. A role she is glad to no longer play. 

Fans react to Drew’s husband Ralph 

Viewers were quick to take to Twitter after the most recent episode to voice their disapproval of the way Ralph is carrying himself this season.  However, Drew is vocally standing by her man

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