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REUNION on the cards for THIS favourite Emmerdale couple - but there’s a catch


There's love in the air for Laurel and Jai in Emmerdale...

There's a reunion on the cards for Emmerdale couple Laurel Thomas and Jai Sharma next week, but as always it seems not everything is going to be plain sailing for the pair.

Laurel and Jai hit the rocks recently when the pressure of working for Kim Tate got too much for Jai and he ended up turning to drugs to cope with the stress.

Jai catches Al trying to stealing money from the safe in Emmerdale

Jai coped with the stress at work by turning back to drugs (Picture: ITV)

But with Jai being a former addict, he had become very good at hiding what he was doing... and it wasn't until he was well and truly back in the grip of addiction that Laurel realised he was back on drugs and promptly ended their romance.

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But since then Jai has been working hard to get clean in rehab... and next week sees the pair reunite having finally got their relationship back on track.

However, as always with soap romances, there is a catch, because Jai still doesn't know that Laurel's son Arthur is the one who has been hurting his little boy Archie, and if the secret was to be revealed, all hell would certainly break loose.

Laurel and Jai reunite in Emmerdale

Jai and Laurel reunite next week - but not all is as it seems (Picture: ITV)

Despite Laurel hiding a huge secret from the man she loves, the pair get back together when Jai proves to Laurel that he has got his life back on track and is serious about making a go of their relationship.

But one person who isn't happy about the reunion is Arthur, who is like a ticking timebomb, terrified that someone will discover he is the one who hurt Archie and not Jimmy King like he lead everyone to be believe.

Laurel and Jai reunite in Emmerale

Jai has no idea that Laurel is hiding a huge secret about Arthur from him (Picture: ITV)

And things are only set to get more complicated for the family next week when Doug drops some monumental news on Laurel... only for Archie to overhear the conversation and feel utterly betrayed about the whole thing.

How long can Laurel keep her huge secret about Arthur a secret from Jai? And how will Jai react when the news comes out?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.