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Richard Osman reveals THIS surprise Quality Street is the nation's favourite festive treat

Richard Osman
Richard Osman caused a debate over the nation's favourite Quality Street! (Image credit: Jonathan Hordle/PA Wire/PA Images)

Pointless expert Richard Osman caused a debate on Twitter when he asked his followers to vote for the best Quality Street chocolate. People have strong opinions when it comes to the festive favourite, which contains an assortment of different sweets and no doubt causes arguments over who's getting what in every household!

Richard shared a series of tweets to find out people's favourites, with Coconut Eclair quickly being wiped out after receiving a tiny 9.4% of the vote. It was then a close call to decide on the others, but the final round narrowed it down to Orange Crunch, Big Purple, Strawberry Creme, and praline Green Triangle.

Quality Street

Richard has been trying to find out what the nation's favourite Christmas chocolate is. (Image credit: Getty)

It was eventually revealed that Big Purple took the crown after Richard's poll received over 47,000 votes from Quality Street lovers. It was pretty close too, with Orange Crunch receiving 12.2%, Green Triangle 25.3%, Strawberry Creme at 27.1%, and finally the winner Big Purple receiving the majority vote at 35.4%.

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But Richard wasn't too pleased with the results, believing Strawberry Creme to be the superior Quality Street chocolate. In a follow-up tweet, he said: "Ridiculous in my honest opinion, but this is where we find ourselves. #StrawberryCremeWasRobbed"

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He wasn't alone either, as Twitter followers were also quick to share their thoughts on the final result! One said: "How did the toffee finger, the coconut, and the toffee penny not make it? This country ought to be ashamed of itself"

Another commented: "All these years I've been living under the illusion that the whole nation shared my love of the green triangle. Now I have to question everything, even my own existence."

And a third said: "The real answer is coffee cream before they were discontinued"

The nation certainly has strong thoughts on Quality Street rankings, but Big Purple has won after people have named the "perfect mix of chocolate, caramel and hazelnut" as the one everybody enjoys most.

Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong will return to our screens over the festive period for Pointless Celebrities: Christmas Special, airing on Dec. 22nd at 5.15 on BBC1. 

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